The Hook Shed

We know how important and beneficial men’s sheds can be to local communities so it’s our pleasure to be able to share The Hook Shed with our readers.

We caught up with Stephen Dignum, Trustee of registered charity The Hook Shed, to find out more about how the community asset came together and how local residents can get involved.

Stephen, a newly retired IT Solutions Architect, was looking for an opportunity to give something back to the community and establishing the shed seemed an interesting way to use his talents at the same time.

The Hook Shed was an idea suggested by Hart District Council to Hook Parish Council in 2016; with the idea coming to fruition in 2021 when the trustees came together and Hook Parish Council allocated some land behind The Park Heath Centre.


For readers who might not know, can you tell us about The Shed and the idea behind it?CommunityAd Exclusive - The Hook Shed

“We are an inclusive shed and whilst we are aligned to UK Shed Association (, we don’t have men in our title, this is to promote social inclusion for the public benefit of men and women living in and around Hook, Hampshire, to combat loneliness and social isolation arising as a result of their age, infirmity, disability, financial hardship or social circumstance.

“To do this, we will provide workshop facilities and settings where they can meet to socialise and engage in projects and activities together. To achieve this objective, we will construct a community workshop. People can work on their own projects or take part in the community based projects, we are happy either way.

“The Hook Shed currently has no premises. However, we have made hedgehog boxes and bird boxes. We have recently been making Insect hotels for Coalhouse corner nature reserve. We also repaired some benches in Hartletts Park.”


How important are volunteers to the running of The Shed and are you in need of any volunteers currently?

“The Shed is completely dependent on volunteers. We desperately need volunteers to manage the construction of the new building and finish the inside, once the building shell is erected e.g. electrics, plumbing, plaster boarding, security systems, kitchen fitters etc. We also need people to apply for grant funding.”


Local residents can get involved with the shed by dropping them a line on Facebook ‘The Hook Shed’, and finding them in Papermill Avenue, Hook RG27 9QU.


Stephen finished by adding: “Hook Parish Council are launching a consultation for the Sports Pavilion and Hook Shed during August and September 2023. Please come along to support Hook Shed and mention your support on the feedback form. Keep checking with Facebook at The Hook Shed as developments are fast moving at the moment.”

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