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Hook In Bloom’s Competition, Planting and Flower & Produce Show.


Is the weather on the turn at last? At least we have had some chances of getting out into our gardens, visiting local gardens, planting up our seedlings and planning for our growing season. Hooray, perhaps summer is on its way and our moods will continue to be lifted!

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The In Bloom volunteers have been out weeding and clearing in the village, thanks to Cameron from CJM Gardening for taking all the rubbish away and thanks to Hooked on Hair for keeping us hydrated. Soon it will be the buying season and plans are afoot for the village to be a riot of summer colour – yellows, oranges, whites and pinks this year. The Hartletts’ baskets are already made up and starting to fill out in the greenhouse.

Whilst we were working in Fairholme Parade, Caroline from Hook Station popped along and said she would like to sort out the troughs on the platform, so In Bloom agreed to help her with plants. We had looked down from the railway bridge many times and thought it would be lovely for the station to be In Bloomed, but did we have enough womanpower, but luckily Caroline wanted to do it and approached us.

Whilst thinking about what to do over the coming months, think Hook In Bloom and especially the Hook Flower & Produce Show. What can you do to enter to win the coveted accolades and prizes? You would be surprised how many people think that they would never win a prize, but they do. Not into gardening? Perhaps think craft, baking, photography, preserves and/or flower displays. Maybe you have a lovely succulent that you have been nurturing for years and you realise it is a super entry for a category. Look at the photographs you have taken recently. Are there any in your collection that you could actually enter for the various photographic categories?

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Do the children need to be occupied over the summer holidays? Need to give the grandparents or carers something to do whilst they are looking after them? Then look at the children’s categories and see if there is something suitable for your kids to do. Yes, there is a category for your child. Think how proud both you and they will be if they win and get their rosette. It’s wonderful seeing children bouncing up to receive their accolade. For the pre-school artwork category, entry forms are available from Bridges Estate Agents, from Hook Village Halls, and on the Hook In Bloom website www.hookinbloom.org. So there really is a category for all children.

Now for the Hook In Bloom Competition itself. You may not feel able to do the whole of your front garden, but you could be in for a chance if you have a hanging basket that you have nurtured through the last few months. Make sure it is hanging out in your front garden during the latter part of July/early August, weather depending, and you may just be in with a chance of winning a prize.

As they say gardening is good exercise and good for the mind, making things can be so relaxing and rewarding, and once you get bitten by the bug, it’s hard to let go.

Unable to enter? Well, do still come along to the Elizabeth Hall on Sunday 8th September from 2pm to 4.15pm and see the entries and decide what you can do next year. Entry is free as Hook In Bloom raises money from grants, fundraising and sponsorship. The community organisation thanks Hook Village Halls Charitable Association, County Councillor Jonathan Glen through his HCC devolved budget, de Jager Bulbs, Hook Parish Council, Hook Allotments Association and Bridges Estate Agents for all their support for enabling volunteers to carry out the work of Hook In Bloom. You too can help because, although there is no charge to enter, the volunteers raise funds from the well supported tombola, the traditional tearoom (run and sponsored by Louise Ingleton of Simple Cakes), and the superb Gardening and Produce Stall selling lots of bargains. This year thanks to Hook Books we have loads of lovely garden books at just £1 a copy.

If you have a gardening project where the whole community benefits, like the railway station, then you too can get in touch with In Bloom to see how they can help you. The Hook Flower & Produce Show is a lovely traditional village affair for the whole community to take part in. Be part of Hook community and come along. You never know you may just be bitten too.

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