Home and Abroad Animal Welfare in Hampshire

Home and Abroad Animal Welfare was started in 1999 by Janice Down when she travelled to Sri Lanka to see the conditions there.


Since then, Janice and teams of volunteers have travelled regularly to deliver supplies and funding to a locally recruited team supported by local veterinary professionals. Key to the effectiveness is local people and giving FREE neutering and veterinary treatment. Home and Abroad Animal Welfare (HAAAW) is passionate about stopping ALL cruelty to ALL animals. We have also undertaken education and support programmes to local agricultural and farming groups.

HAAAW has come a long way since 1999 and aims to achieve much, much more. Our work remains an important animal welfare initiative in Sri Lanka where animal welfare has significantly improved through your support in the areas which we have reached. We aim to establish ongoing local support for each of the cases we find. Your amazing support and funding makes 50 operations and 80 inoculations on an average day, on one of our field trip visits, possible.


Writing a will is one of those things we all tend to put off. We think it will be too difficult or depressing. However, with help it can be painless, straightforward and a relief to have got done. Dee Mitton, a former probate and wills legal secretary and HAAAW supporter, is happy to produce wills for anyone at £50 per will.

Please call Dee on 01252 691944 (before 8pm please) to discuss this at no cost to you. All proceeds go to HAAAW and you do not have to leave anything to HAAAW to enjoy this service.



Dee raises funds for HAAAW selling on eBay and Facebook, all excellent items. Please email Dee on [email protected] and she can link you up with this.


Please send any broken chains, odd earrings, etc. to Dee Mitton at 28 Chesilton Crescent, Church Crookham, GU52 6PB. We have a contact giving very good rates for scrap gold.



If you could spare a donation, however small, it would be gratefully received. Please send to our Bank Account, Home and Abroad, Sort code 20 97 60 Account number 6029 8301. Alternatively, you can make a donation via PayPal. Log into your account. From the menu select “Send and Request”. Type in [email protected] and enter the amount you would like to donate. When asked “What is this payment for?” choose Friends and Family to avoid charges. Thank you on behalf of the animals.

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