Herne Bay traveller Josiah Skeats

Globetrotter Josiah Skeats reviews his recent and fascinating European experiences.


As we enter 2024 and recently experienced Blue Monday (15th January) dubbed the most depressing day of the year, CommunityAd thought the best way to get a big old boost of positivity is getting in touch with Herne Bay’s world traveller Josiah Skeats who provided us with his latest ventures served alongside some stunning photography…


“I spent much of the summer hiking in the Alps and Dolomites while writing and photographing for a holiday company.

“My girlfriend and I led a bike tour along the Silk Road across Georgia and Turkey. First, we had to have a road trip and drive the two expedition support vehicles (giant Mercedes Sprinters) 3,000 kilometres across Europe from Slovakia to Georgia, before cycling back to Istanbul with 20 other riders. This brought back lots of exciting memories from when I cycled a similar route on my solo bike tour to Australia!

“I completed a hiking trip through Lanzarote, again for the holiday company, and loved its otherworldly volcanic landscapes. It felt closer to being on the Moon or Mars!

“Despite all this, I realised my adventures had become comfortable and I didn’t get as scared as I used to, so I’ve thrown myself into learning a new skill and have been learning to rock climb, which I have found terrifying and which has given a big injection of adrenaline. Firstly, I rented a little cabin in the mountains of Turkey for 5 weeks, where it was a simple life. I had to hitchhike to the shops and even to the spring to fill my water – but the mountains were a short walk away.

“Next, I headed to Tenerife, where I am right now…”


To keep up to date with Josiah Skeats’ adventures, make sure you follow him on Facebook and Instagram – @Josiahskeats. You can also visit his website for more information. Read our previous update from Josiah here.

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