Help Rolvenden Tigers FC get back on their tiger feet

In some tragic news for the sporting world locally, Rolvenden Tigers’ hut, where much of their new equipment, toilet and club store was situated, was set ablaze.


In the early hours of 20th September, members of the club woke up to find a pile of ashes and destroyed equipment leaving them in disbelief.

The club have over 80 children from the village and neighbouring areas flying the Rolvenden Tigers FC banner who all love football to bits. This tragic situation meant the club were lacking the equipment and resources to provide them a safe environment to play in.

They are having to start from scratch which is incredibly disheartening to see, and set up a fundraiser to help rebuild everything that was lost. The GoFundMe page was set up on the 20th September, and at the time of writing in just nine days, the community has rallied behind the local club and helped raise an incredible amount.The target was set at £4,000, but supporters have gone above and beyond and helped raise over £6,600 for the local football club.

Grassroots club like Rolvenden Tigers FC provide so much for the community, and it’s mind-boggling to think that anyone could want to destroy such a community asset. Those who are involved in the club are all volunteers and crowdfund to do their best to promote football in the village and surrounding areas. They have been continually improving their facilities to give children and families a welcoming and safe place to play the world’s biggest sport.


If you are able to support Rolvenden Tigers FC in their rebuild please make your way over to

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