HB Pet Portraits in Thanet

Embark on the captivating journey of Harriet Blaskett, a remarkable animal artist (HB Pet Portraits) hailing from Broadstairs.


Ever wondered what it’s like to spend over 70 hours on a single drawing? Harriet shares her immersive experience in creating realistic and unique portraits that truly come to life through HB Pet Portraits.

At 38 years old, Harriet, who had been working as a Veterinary Receptionist, found herself drawn into the world of drawing during lockdown. What started as a hobby soon evolved, leading her to make the courageous decision to go part-time with her job in October 2021 to allow her to pursue her passion more seriously.

Lockdown became a time of self-reflection for many, and for Harriet, it meant translating her love for drawing into a newfound career. Initially tasked with drawing her friend’s horses and family dog for entertainment during the pandemic, Harriet hasn’t been able to put her pencils down since.

“I was instantly hooked,” Harriet exclaimed. “It’s completely changed my life, and I’ll be forever grateful to her for encouraging me to pick up my pencils again after nearly 20 years.”

Working with coloured pencils, a slow yet highly detailed medium, Harriet dedicates anywhere between 20 and over 70 hours to complete a single piece. “I love the level of detail I can achieve with them as each pencil stroke is like an individual hair, so they’re perfect for creating lifelike artwork of our furry friends.”

Transitioning into a more serious art career, we asked Harriet for advice for those considering a similar path. Her wisdom shines through: “Choose a subject that inspires you and makes you want to create, and allow your own style to develop. Art is subjective, and everyone has different taste, so as long as you’re enjoying creating, that’s all that matters. There will always be others who appreciate it too, and those that don’t just aren’t your target audience.”

Harriet emphasizes the continuous learning process in art, highlighting the supportive community of artists on social media. She adds, “The most amazing reaction you can get as a pet portrait artist is happy tears. That’s when you know you’ve got it absolutely right. I pour my heart and soul into my work and treat every portrait with the love and care I would want for my own. After around 30 hours of drawing, it’s so rewarding to hand over something that is totally unique and will last a lifetime.”


For those eager to explore more of Harriet’s incredible work or get in touch, visit www.harrietblaskett.com or find @HB.PetPortraits on Facebook and @hb_pet_portraits on Instagram.

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