Have you heard about Rural Sussex Girl?

Rural Sussex Girl is a brand new community for women seeking to make the most of Sussex Countryside living.


It’s the latest edition to the Brighton-born business, the City Girl Network, which has 18 communities across the country supporting over 110,000 women.

The initial idea was born with Brighton Girl in 2016 when Pippa Moyle was walking along Hove Promenade reflecting on how hard it was to make adult friends. Pippa had longed for years to move to Brighton after university and call it her home, but when she finally did, it was hard to make friends past her flatmates and small group of colleagues.

Speaking to us at CommunityAd Pippa explained: “I decided to create a community called Brighton Girl, to bring people together through events and offer them advice through online content. The idea grew to Edinburgh, Berlin, Bristol and Manchester, birthing the City Girl Network – one year on from our first meet up.

“Seven years and many more communities later, we noticed that many of our Brighton Girl and Worthing Girl members were coming from outside of the city. I, myself, now live in Haywards Heath. So, when former Brighton Girl volunteer, Jasmine Barnes, approached me about creating Rural Sussex Girl, I was excited to bring the fun out of the city and into the beautiful Sussex countryside.

“Rural Sussex Girl will host regular events that bring together women from across the county. We had our first pub and country walk event in Chelwood Gate recently, and our next events include a picnic at Ardingly, an Autumn Equinox Retreat in Uckfield and a trip to Tulley’s Farm in October. A Ditchling Walk and Pub trip is in the works too, as are activities such as fruit, vegetable and flower picking.

“We also have a lively Facebook group for those needing recommendations for anything from hairdressers and nail salons, to plumbers and mortgage advisors, as well as calling out for advice on relationships and career development.”


To find out more and get involved, visit citygirlnetwork.com/rural-sussex-girl

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