Hartley Wintney u3a Photography Club

Meeting on the third Wednesday of the month, 2:00pm-4:00pm at Edward Hall, Hartley Wintney u3a Photography group submit original and adjusted images, taken to a specific theme.


A selection of the members’ images can often be seen every year at the Hartley Wintney Village Festival where the public are asked to vote for their favourite.


We spoke with Group Leader Derek Trendell to find out more about this wonderful group…


Can you explain to readers your own background in photography and the reason the Hartley Wintney u3a Photography Club was formed?

The Hartley Wintney u3a is one of over a thousand u3a charities throughout the UK for those no longer in work to come together and learn for fun. The Hartley Wintney u3a has almost five hundred members and 36 interest groups of which the Photography group is one.

I have always been interested in photography. I am an associate of The Royal Photographic Society and have served it as a trustee. I am also President of a local camera club and judge photographic competitions. Our u3a group was formed so that experienced photographers can pass on their skills and experience to others in a lighthearted way – we aim mainly to enjoy ourselves. In these digital days the ability to improve images with software is a big advantage and we spend time doing this as well.


What would you say have been the most memorable photos that have been taken that stick out in your mind and have any of the group’s pictures gone on to win awards and/or get notable accreditation?

Back in COVID days, the national u3a organised a monthly theme competition and we had more acceptances than any other UK u3a. We also run an annual competition, where members of the public vote for the best photo from our members at the village festival, which is very popular.

What makes Hartley Wintney such a beautiful area to take photos in and do you have any particular favourite locations that you think of that are most aesthetically pleasing on the eye?

Hartley Wintney is a lovely village. It has commons in the centre and an extensive heath with deer and birdlife. Our members, however, travel a lot and take and bring photos from almost anywhere in the UK and the rest of the world.


For readers who may be interested in joining the club, how can they enquire to find out more and how, where and when do you meet?

Our members, who include beginners and experienced photographers, use a variety of cameras from phones to sophisticated camera systems. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the Victoria Hall in the centre of the village but in some months we travel to interesting places to take photos.

The best way to contact us is through the Hartley Wintney u3awebsite and then click on Photography group.


From a personal perspective, what do you enjoy most about taking photos and being in the Hartley Wintney u3a Photography Club?

I have always enjoyed taking photographs of people, scenery and wildlife. I enjoy both the aesthetic and technical aspects, composition etc. I find a lot of satisfaction in the enthusiasm shown by our members and the way they improve their pictures while having a lot of fun.

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