Greenhithe Community Centre

CommunityAd had the pleasure of chatting with Glen Keeling, who is part of the team running the absolute community asset that is the Greenhithe Community Centre.


Glen explains that he enjoyed his two years working as one of six trustees. The role of the trustees is to run the centre on a day to day base whilst growing the users and ensuring the long term future of the centre.


So, Glen, why is it vital that a community such as Greenhithe has access to a centre?

This centre provides something for everyone, we were open throughout COVID for some users so that the pre-school could continue. We work with all users ensuring community events can happen in a safe secure place. Sometimes we offer the centre for free for community activities – something that profit making spaces cannot. We are prepared to invest in community activities for the long-term rather than short-term income purposes.

As we move into uncertain times we are looking at what we can do for the community such as being a warm space.


The centre has a full schedule of activities and classes, doesn’t it? Something for everyone?

We have worked very hard to increase our regular users and make them relevant for our community, we have a pre-school, Beaver and Cubs, a boxing club, a social art class for children and a separate art class for adults, we have a bootcamp, Hitt class and a church all running from the centre on multiple dates over the week.


Are there any dates readers should be popping into their diaries?

We have a community Christmas fayre taking place on 10th December in aid of Cancer Research and I have it on good knowledge that Father Christmas will be here too. We are providing the centre for free so as much money as possible can be raised for Cancer Research.


Finally, what makes this part of the world a pleasant place to call home? There’s a real community spirit, isn’t there?

We take pride in the centre, working hard to continue the legacy handed down to us from previous trustee Eddie Ward and Richard Lees and many others. They both put a lot of time and effort into the centre and we ensure our grounds and centre are maintained to a high standard so it doesn’t feel like an old community centre that is unloved. All this is achieved by the trustees’ team, the regular users and the community users.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We invite the local community to join the charity to help run the centre by volunteering time to help run the centre and learn transferrable skills.


For more info, to make contact with the centre or to book a class head to the Greenhithe Community Centre website.

by Dave McKenna

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