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CommunityAd Get Moativated with Billericay’s Graham Moat, an inspiring chap focused on fundraising for Dementia support organisations.


Dear Resident, I am a Billericay resident for 29 years who has been directly impacted by the effect that Dementia has had on those near and dear to me.

I am now endeavouring to spend my spare time working with local services which support people as they encounter the challenges in dealing with the main effects of this dreadfully debilitating disease.

Hence under my Get Moativated charity I am making plans to undertake a number of daring challenges, the first and foremost being a Double Wing Walk flights incorporating a double roll and a Loop-the-Loop. Having taken place on 25th October, I believe that at nearly 68 I may well be the oldest disabled person to attempt a double flight on the same day.

So, I am now looking for your support in helping me promote my Get Moativated campaign and if possible also donating an affordable amount via my JustGiving page

All donations received shall help promote activities run by the below listed local Dementia support organisations.

  • Billericay Dementia Friendly Community
  • The Billericay Memory Café
  • The Billericay Men’s Shed
  • The Human Kind Café

Other fundraising activities planned include:

  • The Dog House Therapy Sessions
  • The Mr. Moativator Magic Shows
  • Expense Management (Which guarantees to help you save money)
  • Access to low cost holidays

It should be noted that current statistics report that dementia will effect more than 1 in 3 elderly people i.e. over 65. Which means that in the future this could be you or a loved one close to you.

Please note that I am self-funding and so paying for my flights and all expenses myself, I therefore need further help to achieve and surpass my original target.

Many thanks for your kind consideration.


Your Neighbour at No. 8 Quilters Drive

Graham Moat

For more information contact 07787 511251 or email [email protected]

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