Futures for Dogs Rescue in Sandwich

“Saving one dog will not change the world but will change the world for that one dog.”


This is the motto of Futures for Dogs Rescue (FFD), a local voluntary not-for-profit rescue that was started nearly 30 years ago that helps dogs (and even some cats) across the UK & Ireland.


We caught up with Future For Dogs’ founder, Stevie, to find out a little bit more about the charity, how they help animals in need and how COVID has impacted them over the last two years almost.


“We are a small voluntary group, each day we work hand to mouth, as they say. We work tirelessly alongside other small rescues here and abroad. Everyone in the rescue is a volunteer, many of them owners who have stepped into the breach so many times to help out over the years and this means that every much-needed penny raised goes directly to the dogs’ care.

“In 2020, we hit the rocks – and hard – as COVID and no fundraising for the first time in our history meant we nearly had to shut our doors, but a post explaining our demise brought a huge response from our many supporters, local and afar, who stepped up with kind donations. We stayed open, even managing to home 150 dogs!”


Whilst traditional kennels might be full of cute dogs that everyone desires, FFD support those who need extra love and care and might come with expensive vet bills.


“Over the years many have arrived into our foster homes having been seized under the DDA law, many from puppy farms, back-street breeders, cruelty neglect cases and sadly those who have just been abandoned or no longer wanted.

“Since COVID hit us and now with Christmas just gone and the New Year here, we will again struggle along, picking up the pieces from profiteers – whilst puppy farmers and back-street breeders will be selling dogs for extortionate fees for sheer profit and not a thought to the dog. As was the case with five-year-old Ickles (pictured above), who was used as a stud dog, even though he had two severe hereditary issues, so every pup he sired will cost unsuspecting owners a fortune.”


At present FFD are trying to raise £5000 for Ickles’ leg surgery to ensure he can continue to walk pain-free and properly for the rest of his life. For more information, please visit their website or Facebook page @futuresfordogs. Just a £1 donation can make a difference to this wonderful small rescue.

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