Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts

Carole has lived in this area for over thirty years, she refers to this slice of Surrey as “leafy green, safe and friendly” the latter can be said too of the Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts of which Carole has been a member for a decade.


Joining initially to enjoy painting with others who shared her interest in drawing and painting, after a few years Carole found herself on the committee and for the last four years has been Chairman.


Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts (FCSA) is a very different society to the Art Society, formerly known as NADFAS, the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies, where people go to learn about decorative arts. FCSA is for those within the community who want to practice doing it themselves, such was the case for Carole as she tells CommunityAd “I first joined because I had been taking a class in Watercolour Techniques and I wanted to become part of the local artistic community. I was also keen to learn from other artists and to find out about exhibiting my artwork”.


You really do have a vast skillset amongst the members, don’t you?

Within our society there are artists of every ability, from professional artists to real beginners. We work in watercolour, acrylics, oils, pen & ink and pastels and in a great variety of different styles. Everyone is always welcome.


Do you have any dates or events for the readers to get excited about?

The main event of the year is the Annual Exhibition. This year it is on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September with a Reception Evening on Thursday 1st September when the exhibition will be opened by the Mayor of Surrey Heath.


What is it about Frimley and surrounding areas that inspires artists and creativity, do you think?

We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the country. The Basingstoke Canal and the Blackwater Valley can provide picturesque landscapes to paint or draw while the town itself is a busy place with schools and sporting societies all of which can offer plenty of subjects for painting and drawing.


Why do you believe is it so important for one to express themselves creatively?

Personally, I just love painting and drawing. It makes me happy. It is such fun to start with an idea and see where it leads. I love learning from other artists, too. I also enjoy seeing what others dream up and produce.


Why should readers consider getting involved? Not just for the artistic endeavour there’s also a huge social benefit, isn’t there?

It is often the easiest way to make new friends by spending time with others who share your interests. FCSA is a very friendly group. We meet every Friday night, and we welcome new members with open arms. Joining a group like this is a great way to develop your skills and develop your interest in art further.


Anything else you’d like to add?

Coronavirus and the lockdowns have been a very challenging time for all social groups and societies. This is also true for FCSA. We adapted to the situation by having Zoom Demonstrations and an On-line Exhibition. We are now back to meeting in an airy art studio every week although we are still having our demonstrations via Zoom to avoid having too many people in an indoor space.


For more information, please see the Frimley & Camberley Society of Arts website.

By Dave McKenna

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