Friends of the Earth Kings Hill

Friends of the Earth Kings Hill is part of a movement transforming social beliefs and culture, creating a safer climate, flourishing nature, and healthy air, water and food.


To find out more on this wonderful group, CommunityAd got in touch with Co-Ordinator Shakira Falzon-Thomas…


For local readers who may not be aware, can you explain what the Friends of the Earth Kings Hill group is and what your aims are?

Friends of the Earth Kings Hill form part of the UK’s largest grassroots environmental campaign organisations.

Together we make change.

The group’s aims and ethos are to protect and preserve our local environment, nature and wildlife.


What would you say are the group’s most memorable moments so far and the many things you have done to help campaign for change in the community?

The group’s most memorable moments have been;

  • Campaigning to STOP MOD Land South of Discovery Drive & SAVE the Woodlands (petition online) which has resulted in many native trees receiving a tree preservation order and helped to halt the development in its tracks.

We will endeavour to fight tirelessly regardless what the applicant throws at us, it’s imperative this all-important rich biodiverse site remains protected which hosts a mature ecosystem and the protected species which live within it.

  • STOP Hunting of Foxes, Deer & Rabbits at Kings Hill Sport Park (petition online)

We engaged the community with the above petition, which highlighted the awful activities occurring on our doorstep, consequently it applied a huge amount of pressure upon Kings Hill Parish Council to terminate the contract.

  • We will be planting an Oak Sapling accompanied by plaque at Lambeth Palace Gardens in Autumn 2022 to honour our remarkable local lad Tony Hudgell.

After a lot of persistent hard work, the wonderful team at Evelina Hospital in London helped us achieve this wonderful initiative, we very much look forward to planting ‘Tony’s Tree’ this year.


If readers would like to get involved, how can they enquire and find out more?

Should your readers like to know more about our group and get involved then please become a member via our Facebook page ‘Friends of the Earth Kings Hill’ or email me at [email protected].


What are the group’s long term goals?

The group’s long term aims are to protect and preserve our local environment, nature and wildlife.

We will address issues as and when they arise.

We hope to encourage more people within our community to join us, be part of something bigger, learn more about what we can do to battle climate change and ALWAYS protect Mother Nature.


What do you enjoy most about living in Kings Hill?

I currently enjoy living in this corner of Kent due to our lovely countryside and stunning wildlife, sadly this is all under imminent threat due to mass development.

We have a great deal of work to do in order to educate people in what can be achieved to create a healthy and sustainable balance, whilst ensuring our previous environment is protected.


Visit the wonderful group on Facebook at ‘Friends of the Earth Kings Hill‘ to find out more and get involved.

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