For the Love of Football Podcast in Thanet

Be a part of the football family.


Joshua Twyman loves all things football, so much so that, with his friends, he created the ‘For the Love of Football Podcast’ (available online through Spotify and YouTube) and CommunityAd managed to catch up with the Thanet resident to find out more about the podcast…


What made you come up with the idea of starting the For the Love of Football podcast?

The reason I started this podcast was purely down to my love of football and talking about it amongst friends and sometimes strangers.

I’ve played football from a young age so I know a lot of people within the football community locally to Thanet which has helped get this podcast up and running.


To readers who may not have listened to your pod, can you describe what your podcast is about?

For the people that haven’t listened to our podcast before, we like to discuss results, refereeing/VAR decisions, league tables, transfer news and rumours plus much more.

Our aim is to get as many football charities on in the future to discuss their goals and how they help out in the local community. We already have Sands United Thanet coming on.

We recently featured Man vs Fat (Margate); the award-winning weight loss programme for men. We have plans to have episodes about women’s football and how that’s grown, a referees special and a Sunday league special.

When we get back up and running again as we have had issues with our sound quality which is currently being sorted, we will be recording every Sunday evening and aim to have the episodes released as quickly as possible after they’ve been recorded.

How difficult is it balancing work commitments with regularly recording the pod?

It can be quite difficult sometimes recording every Sunday due to having 2 young kids, a full time job and other commitments but I somehow manage to do it which I’m very glad!


What would you say have been your most enjoyable moments since recording the podcast?

The most enjoyable moment regarding the podcast so far is generally getting it all set up and recording with my mates and talking about the beautiful game we all love equally.


What can listeners expect from the pod during the end of season break and start of the 2023/24 season?

Current listeners and new listeners can look forward to a brand new set up with huge sound improvements, plus as I’ve mentioned we have big plans ahead which include the new Ramsgate manager coming on, Ramsgate players and a West Ham fan that was in the ground for the European final! In addition to this, we will also have our own dream team league & super 6 for all to get involved… plus much more!


Do you have a future vision of where you would like the podcast to be in the next 5-10 years?

Our vision for the next 5-10 years is to have thousands of followers that listen to our podcast, talk about our podcast, get involved in our podcast and feel part of the “For The Love of Football” family! That’s the aim!

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