Food SHARE at Hope Church, Sunningdale

Supporting each other through these tough times we’ve faced over the last few years, from COVID, to the current cost of living crisis, has remained as important as ever.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Food SHARE at Hope Church, SunningdaleHope Church, Sunningdale, has been running a food share out of the church since November 2022. As a church they were looking for a way to serve their local community and came across a charity called SHARE Wokingham and discovered they helped to facilitate pop up food shares in the area.

Knowing that a food share which could help reduce waste and be an outreach to the community at the same time, they thought it was at least worth a try.

SHARE Wokingham were happy to guide Hope Church and help to get the food share started and so they launched November 22nd. The first week they only had a handful of guests, but grew each week and now regularly get between 30-40 guests.

We caught up with Hope Church to find out more about SHARE, which runs each Tuesday from 12pm-1pm, and opens for tea/coffee and conversations from 11:15am.

Speaking to us Hope Church said: “There’s a real community feel to it, we love to chat to our regular guests as well as meet new people. No referrals or vouchers are needed; the food share is open to anyone. All the food we have to share is collected from local supermarkets/bakeries. We collect from Waitrose, Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Gail’s and Rex bakeries and receive a donation from Brakes caterer.

“The food we receive is either surplus stock or items that are just at their best before date but still perfectly fine to eat. This is food that would otherwise go to waste! We then share whatever we have with the local community. Most of what we have to share is fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of bread and some pastries.

“We know SHARE at Hope Church has become an important local event. Some guests and volunteers who previously felt isolated have now found new community. Others feel happy that they are reducing the environmental impact of food waste, and others really appreciate the support having an extra bag of food provides. Furthermore, there is often enough left over for some food to be passed onto other local charities such as The Salvation Army or The Hope Hub.

“At Hope Church we hope to soon launch other community events such as a Christianity Explored course, or a toddler group.”


If you want to get involved in any of these initiatives or would like more information about the food share please contact Jo at [email protected]. You can also follow Hope Church, Sunningdale on Facebook @HopeChurchSunningdale or find them online at

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