St Gabriel’s Food Bank Kings Hill

The food bank here in Kings Hill, much like food banks around the country, is used by a variety of people, from individuals to families and the number of people being supported continues to grow.


CommunityAd checked in with Claire Bermingham who is integral to the operation at St Gabriel’s and she wasted no time in stating her gratitude to everyone who has donated food or cash to the cause over the last few months, without the good nature of locals the food bank would not be able to help those in need. Claire warns ominously “It’s been a busy time especially as Universal Credit reduced significantly in September 2021 which has meant that more families are struggling and now need additional help”.


The most wonderful time of year may have been and gone for us but Christmas isn’t joyous for everyone. Claire tells CommunityAd how St Gabriel’s supported our community in the festive period just past. “For many, the extra expense and demands of Christmas can be crippling, especially when you are already struggling to afford the basics. The food bank has again this Christmas managed to put together the Christmas Parcel project. This means that many families received Christmas related food and items as well as small children’s gifts. This is a lifeline to many as it helps alleviate some of the cost demands of Christmas. This has only managed to happen due to the generosity of our donators.”


What kind of donations are you after currently?

We are always needing dry store cupboard foods. This could range from tinned food, pasta, rice and cereals to toiletries and household cleaning items. Searching our Facebook page will keep anyone interested up to date.


Anything else to add at all, Claire?

We’ve set up a new St Gabriel’s Food Bank Facebook page which has helped greatly with putting donators in touch with us. This means we can communicate better as well as keeping the community up to date on our work.

If you feel you need help from us by way of food parcels do not hesitate to get in contact. This can be done via either the St Gabriel’s website, Food Bank email address [email protected] or telephone number 07838 294130.


Find out more about how to help out St Gabriel’s Food Bank by visiting their Facebook or website. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates in your local Kings Hill CommunityAd magazine, too!

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