Folkestone Rescue Lifeboat Container Fundraiser

Folkestone Rescue are raising funds for a new lifeboat container via a GoFundMe page.

They have, so far, raised £3,116 of the £4,000 needed. There is a section on the page explaining who they are and their goal.

CommunityAd Exclusive - Folkestone Rescue Lifeboat Container FundraiserThe volunteer-run lifeguard and lifeboat charity has served the beautiful Sunny Sands beach and Folkestone coastline for over a decade. Folkestone Rescue’s mission – providing swift, dependable emergency assistance – is upheld by their dedicated lifeguards and lifeboat crew members. Staffed by a robust team of highly trained lifeguards and seasoned lifeboat crew members, Folkestone Rescue stands ever-ready to respond to crises, safeguarding the treasured coastal community.

Today, Folkestone Rescue seek your support to replace their 17-year-old lifeboat storage container. The trusty container, now showing signs of wear and tear, needs to retire. The new container will offer a crucial upgrade, providing a secure shelter for our lifeboat and ensuring continued, effective response to emergencies.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Folkestone Rescue who give their time, skills, and passion to safeguard the coast. A new lifeboat container will empower them to enhance community safety further.

Folkestone Rescue invite you to learn more about their endeavours and discover how you can lend your support to this worthwhile cause.

Visit the Facebook page @Folkestone.Rescue or the official website at

Your contribution to this cause is not just a donation, but an investment in the safety and security of our beloved community. Thank you in advance for your generosity, every bit of which holds tremendous value to us.

If you would like to donate, go online and visit


Matthew Wetherly

Manager, Folkestone Rescue – Independent Lifeguard and Lifeboat Team

Sunny Sands Beach, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 6RB


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