Find A Voice Charity Ashford

Being able to communicate is something we often take for granted, but for many people this seemingly everyday skill is something inaccessible and difficult. Charities like Find A Voice are vital resources for people who struggle with speech and communication.


As well as in-person support, they also have a resource library where they offer sensory toys and communication aids free of charge for people in need. We spoke to Carol Norton, Outreach Development Manager at Find A Voice to find out more.


Can you tell me a bit about Find A Voice and how it got started?

Find A Voice was registered as a charity in October 1996. Since 2001 the organisation has operated from a single storey Centre in Ashford, Kent providing services primarily to those in the county of Kent.

Find A Voice supports children and adults who have a severe speech, language or communication difficulty, and who may require some form of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) support. This can include signing, symbols or a communication aid. Support is provided in person, by telephone, and via the website.


What does the resource library offer?

The Find a Voice Library loans sensory and switch-adapted toys, switches, Makaton resources, and communication aids free of charge.

The Library programs equipment, provides instructions, overlays/ inserts, and delivers and collects the equipment.

The loan enables people to practice taking turns in interactions, explore making things happen, and trial communication aids, and have fun!

To open your own library record, please email [email protected].


Who is the resource library for (organisations, schools, individuals, etc.) and who can use the aids?

Families, educators, clinicians, and other professionals. Anyone in the area of Kent and East Sussex who benefits from speech and language support.


If you’re interested in accessing the library, you can find out more by looking on the Find A Voice website or email [email protected].

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