Faversham Skatepark Petition approaching milestone

Many of us can remember the countless hours of fun we’ve had at a local skatepark, and a petition to renovate Faversham Skatepark is closing in on 500 signatures.


The petition, started by 13-year-old Faversham resident Sebastian Blaza and which currently sits on 418 signatures at the time of writing, calls for the skatepark to be re-paved to provide a safe space for young people to express themselves.

The petition reads “Faversham Skatepark has been an integral part of our community for many years but its current state does not allow it to serve its purpose effectively. It’s not just about skateboarding, rollerblading, scooting or biking; it’s about giving the youth a place where they can develop their skills, build self-confidence, and engage with their peers in a positive manner.

“According to research conducted by Sheffield Hallam University, skateparks provide significant social benefits including promoting physical activity, fostering community spirit and reducing anti-social behaviour (Sheffield Hallam University Study on Skateparks). Yet despite these proven benefits, our local skatepark has been neglected.

“By renovating and re-paving Faversham Skatepark we can create an inclusive environment that encourages creativity and physical activity amongst the youth. This will not only benefit them but also contribute positively towards the overall health of our community.

“Let us come together as residents of Faversham to support this cause. Sign this petition today so we can show how much we value our young people by providing them with the facilities they deserve.”

Faversham Skatepark is located at Faversham Recreation Ground and features a mini ramp, two quarter pipes, flat bank, driveway, ledge and rail.

Swale Borough Council state that, for a “petition to be considered at a meeting where an officer, identified either by name or by post title, will be required to answer questions on the conduct of a particular matter, [the] petition should contain at least 500 signatories”.


To support this petition please visit www.change.org/p/renovate-and-re-pave-faversham-skatepark-for-our-youth

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