Exploring Romney Marsh with Kelvin Blake

It’s no secret that Romney Marsh and the local areas nearby are gold mines for photographers wanting to explore the creative treasures of photography. One photographer, who recently rekindled his love for the art after retiring, is 66-year-old Kelvin Blake.


We caught up with Kelvin Blake, after spotting some of his incredible photos on social media, to find out more about his passion for photography and his eye for the area of Romney Marsh.

Speaking to us Kelvin explained: “I have always had a keen interest in photography since my early teens when we used film in those days. Back then I only really used the camera for holiday photos and special days out like trips to the zoo. I started off with a Kodak point and shoot camera (like most people) and bought my first real camera after winning a local competition sponsored by the local camera club when I was still a teenager.

“My enthusiasm for photography died after I started work in 1974 and was only really rekindled at the beginning of this year when I retired from sport.

“Last year I spent a lot of time training along the North Downs in preparation for a 100km trail run so, when I bought my first digital camera in January of this year, I wanted to focus on landscape photography in addition to capturing pictures of my family and three grandchildren in particular as they grow up.

“I started off by photographing sunrises at Botany Bay and then visited Dungeness for the first time in my life at the end of January. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the shingle desert, the lighthouses, the variety of wooden weatherboard dwellings and the collection of deserted fishing boats which can be found abandoned and decaying along the beach.

“I then discovered some pictures of the Milky Way which had been taken by local photographers and knew immediately that was something I wanted to do.

“I now find the dark clear nights and abundance of stars shining bright at Dungeness and Fairfield in particular for astrophotography so special and atmospheric. So much so I want to learn more about this type of photography.

“I now thoroughly enjoy going out late at night on those special nights to capture pictures of the Milky Way which I can then bring to life post editing before selecting and sharing some of my images on Kent Views.

“To be honest I wasn’t sure whether my new found love for photography would last so I only invested in second-hand equipment and still use this on an almost daily basis.

“I am self-taught and don’t think I will ever stop learning if I want reach the standards I want to achieve.

“My biggest piece of advice to anyone is have fun and don’t be afraid. Photography can and will feel overwhelming at times but persevere as it is so easy to learn all of the basics such as setting up and then using your equipment to capture the best possible results via the internet and YouTube.

“Then go out and practice, experiment and practice again until it becomes second nature. I still and will no doubt continue to make mistakes so don’t be afraid, enjoy the moment and watch your skills grow.”


Thank you to Kelvin Blake for supplying some of his superb photos, which you can see above or on Kent Views‘ Facebook page.

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