Engineering For Kids, Braintree – Inspiring the next generation

Engineering For Kids is a unique and dynamic program designed to inspire the next generation through hands-on activities such as launching rockets, battling robots, and even programming video games.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Engineering For Kids, Braintree - Inspiring the next generationSeeking to spark curiosity and motivation in students to pursue career choices in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths, CommunityAd spoke to Michelle Wallsh to find out more about Engineering for Kids and their classes in Braintree…


What was the reason for starting Engineering for Kids?

The inspiration behind starting Engineering For Kids was a visit to a franchise exhibition where we came across the Engineering For Kids banner with the phrase “Building passion for Engineering”. As we saw the images of children engrossed in building and even enjoying Minecraft, we immediately thought of our own children and grandchildren; we realised this was not only something they would be interested in but also an opportunity for us to ignite a similar passion in other children.

We now embark on this journey, driven by the desire to inspire and empower young minds to explore the exciting world of engineering.


What can 4-14 year olds expect to learn from your Engineering For Kids classes? 

Engineering For Kids introduces children to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in a fun and engaging way. Using hands-on activities, children get to apply their knowledge in a practical context, enhancing their knowledge of STEM concepts. We promote critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork while most importantly having FUN!! Our lessons include: Building Rockets, and using our amazing rocket launcher to shoot them into the sky, Candy Catapults, How far can our students launch their candy?, and flub – getting our goggles on and our hands messy creating some ooze-tastic slime!

Every lesson we teach and use the engineering design process, which is not only helpful in our lessons but is used in everyday life:CommunityAd Exclusive - Engineering For Kids, Braintree - Inspiring the next generation

  1. Ask
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Design
  4. Build
  5. Test
  6. Improve


How beneficial do you think Engineering For Kids is for now and the long term and future generations of children? 

We encourage critical thinking and problem-solving, which are valuable skills for school and life. Children learn to tackle challenges creatively. Many of our activities involve teamwork, helping children develop their interpersonal skills and an ability to work effectively in groups.

We want to inspire children to pursue STEM careers, which are in high demand in today’s job market. Engineering For Kids fosters a love for learning that can last a lifetime. Children who enjoy STEM activities are more likely to continue exploring these subjects in a higher education and beyond.


Can you tell us about the classes you run in Braintree and how local interested readers can get in touch to find out more and sign their children up?

In Braintree, we offer a variety of exciting engineering programs for children aged 5-14.

After School Programs: We conduct engaging after school engineer programs at Notley Green Primary School and Great Bradfords Junior School. These programs provide a fantastic opportunity for students to explore the world of engineering in a fun and educational environment. We are actively exploring partnerships with more local schools to expand our reach in the future. This is a great option for parents and children, as it saves on travelling to a different location and also children join in with their already made friends.

At our unit in Braintree, we offer a range of hands-on experiences, including Engineering, Lego Robotics Club, 3D Printing, Scratch Coding and many more. These activities allow children to dive deeper into the world of technology and innovation.

Home Educated Students: We understand that not all students follow a tradition school schedule. That’s why we offer lessons specifically for home-educated students. These lessons are available throughout the week, both in the mornings and afternoons providing flexibility to families seeing a well-rounded STEM education.

To find out more about our programs, class schedule or to book please visit our website If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly through our website or by phone on 07415 735607.

We are excited to help your children embark on a journey of discovery and creativity in the world of engineering!

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