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Ebbsfleet’s Green Creative Identity

Liz Middleton’s list of exhibitions and artistic awards is a long one, the sculptor and letter carver has rightfully received critical fanfare for her works. London based Liz is currently working on Ebbsfleet’s Green Creative Identity and tells CommunityAd, despite not living here, she’s “been made to feel very welcome by everyone I’ve met so far and I hope people won’t hold it against me! Given the conversations I’ve had I’m optimistic my perspective will blend well with the local knowledge and ideas people are so generously sharing with me”.


So, Liz what’s this project all about and why should the community get involved?

“Ebbsfleet Green Creative Identity” is an aspirational public art project commissioned by Redrow Homes, the housebuilder delivering the new neighbourhood at Ebbsfleet Green. It’s about celebrating local heritage and developing a sense of place and identity. I would love anyone from the local community to get involved because their stories and experiences will shape what it becomes, and they can tell me what kind of creative events and activities they would like to take part in as part of the project – everyone is welcome!


For yourself personally it must be a very rewarding project to be running and one that can make a lasting mark?

I’m absolutely thrilled to be delivering this project. The area is steeped in history spanning thousands of years which has been fascinating to discover. It’s been wonderful meeting people and learning about all the historical events and generations that have contributed to the landscape and its mix of old and new today. It’s rewarding to contribute something to this story.


As an artist yourself why do you think it’s so important that we express our creativity be it in photos, writing, painting etc, it’s a therapeutic practise and definitely one that can benefit someone’s mental health?

I think expressing ourselves in whatever form, making creative decisions, play and experimentation are hugely important for bringing a bit of joy into our lives and giving us a sense of identity. Art can help us tap into who we are and what we’re about, what we care about, what we think about things. It can connect us to ourselves and others through a shared experience which is fundamental for our wellbeing, which in turn is fundamental for our communities and caring for our environments.


Have you found it to be a pleasant community to be working within?

It’s been really rewarding to feel part of the community through my role and all the connections I’ve made so far. I’m very grateful that people have opened up to me and I feel energised by their optimism and pride.


Anything else you’d like to add, please feel free.

I’m really keen to hear from people, now or at any time throughout the project. Because of COVID-19 I’ve created a digital space for us to meet safely and communicate, the website www.EbbsfleetGreenCreativeIdentity.com. There’s a short Public Art Survey which I would love people to contribute to, or they can just get in touch through the contact form or email me on Liz@EbbsfleetGreenCreativeIdentity.com. And if you are a local creative who would like to help deliver some of those arts events or activities, please do get in touch.


Find out more about Liz’s work on her personal website or follow the project’s progress on the Ebbsfleet Green Creative Identity website, Instagram @egcreativeidentity, and Facebook @EbbsfleetGreenCreativeIdentity.

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