Maddie the School Dog at Eastry C of E Primary School

With mental health and stress becoming greater and greater concerns for young children, many schools are turning to alternative options to help their pupils feel more comfortable.


Having a school pet is a popular choice, and Eastry C of E Primary School has their own school dog, Maddie, who is doing her part to help the children learn in a relaxed and friendly environment.


We spoke to Sarah Moss, the school’s Head Teacher and Maddie’s owner, to find out about the positive influence Maddie’s presence had had on the school children.


“Maddie is a cockapoo; she is friendly and loves to be with people, especially children! On a Monday, Maddie spends her day at Eastry C of E Primary, and on the other days she is a much-loved family pet. When in school, Maddie welcomes the children and families on the gate, then she spends her day with a different class each week. From listening to readers, being shown learning, going for walks to offering cuddles and a listening ear, Maddie’s day in school is very busy. At the end of the day, she wags goodbye to the children and families on the gate again.

“The children love having Maddie in school, many of them counting down to when it is their week with her. We’ve seen several children grow in confidence around dogs. For others, Maddie is an encouraging and friendly face that adds a little extra joy to the day. Maddie is truly a treasured part of the school family.”


As well as Sarah’s observations, here are some ringing endorsements from the children in the school about having Maddie there:

“She’s always so happy, she loves everyone.”

“She takes me for really fun walks.”

“She’s so soft and fluffy, it just makes me feel calm.”

“I like it when she lies under the table when we’re learning.”


CommunityAd have to admit, having a dog around the office would certainly cheer up the grey Monday mornings of late. Eastry C of E Primary are lucky to have such a wonderful, adorable canine companion to support them!

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