Dover Gamblers Anonymous

When it comes to addiction, our first thought is often alcohol abuse or drug overdoses. However, addiction can take many different forms, and a gambling addiction can be just as severe and harmful as any other kind.


We spoke to Glen Hughes from Dover Gamblers Anonymous to find out what local help is available.


What kind of structure do the groups take?

We start off with a cup of tea! Then we talk about the 12 steps of recovery and 12 steps of unity in relation to addiction. We then have an open forum where everybody has the chance to talk about their current situation and how they are doing.


Why are groups like this so important?

Due to everyone at the meeting having gone through very similar situations, our attendees find it much easier to off-load. We know so many people are suffering in silence and we are a place for them to try and help turn their life around.


Do you think gambling is taken less seriously as an addiction when compared to drugs or alcohol?

I don’t think it is necessarily taken less seriously; however, I think it is totally underestimated how many people are affected by this addiction (including lots of women as well with bingo, casinos, and slot machines).

Due to no clear physical attributes being connected to problem gamblers in comparison to drink and drugs, most people would not be able to spot a gambling addict just on their appearance.


What would you say to someone thinking of coming along but not sure if the group is right for them?

I would definitely say that people who are at the point in their life where they are ready to change and, more importantly, are able to admit they have a problem with this addiction in life need to come and see what we can do to help. It is not easy, but is so worth it.


Dover Gamblers Anonymous meets at 7:30pm every Monday evening at St Mary’s Church Hall, Dover, CT16 1BY.

by Alice Smales

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