Dover author’s Milk and Cookies picture book

Milk and Cookies is a children’s picture book created by Emma Rosen, a local author, and illustrated by Rhiannon Thomas, that helps explain breastfeeding in an age appropriate way.


So far, the book has been funded through Kickstarter and managed to raise over £2,100 from 84 different backers and we caught up with Emma to find out a little bit more behind her latest literary venture.

Emma explained: “In the story, a little girl called Tilly goes to visit her Auntie Grace and Uncle James who have just had a baby. When she asks Auntie Grace why she is cuddling the baby so closely her aunt explains how all sorts of animals feed their babies, which helps Tilly to understand.

“It’s a sweet book that helps to normalise and talk about breastfeeding… or it’s just a fun story!”


What was the inspiration behind launching a picture book centred around breastfeeding?

“Breastfeeding rates are really low in this country, and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. If we lived in a traditional society, we would have been  around breastfeeding all our lives and that really helps when it comes to breastfeeding, or supporting a breastfeeding person.

“Since we’re not exposed that way in our society, it’s important that breastfeeding is normalised in other ways. I used to be a teacher, and it seemed to me that one way was through reading stories about breastfeeding with children.

“I hope that the book is a story that families enjoy reading together, and if it also makes space for them to talk about breastfeeding then that’s wonderful! “I am so grateful to everybody who backed Milk and Cookies. I simply wouldn’t be able to release the book without them! It was amazing to have so much support for the project and I’m excited to move forward with it.”


For those interested in getting their hands on Milk and Cookies, the book is aiming for an August release and you can keep up to date by visiting Emma’s website.

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