Ditchling’s fish market returns

We know many of you have been pondering the return of some of Ditchling’s tastiest residents, and we have good news for the fish-lovers out there.


Ditchling’s fish market shall return once more.


David Eaton reached out to us at CommunityAd to help spread the word of the infamous market’s return and we sat down with David to find out a little bit more about his role and what residents can look forward to.


David explained: “Recently, many Ditchling residents have asked me when is the Thursday Fish Market going to resume?” I have good news for you all as it will be restarting again in February. The problem was that Martin Yorwarth, the fisherman from Newhaven, could not catch enough fish to supply all the Sussex and London markets he attends each week, so we had to close Ditchling for this reason.

“However, Ed Johnston from The Sussex Peasant has organised a Sussex Fish Cooperative working with six fishing boats from Shoreham, Brighton, Seaford and Yorwarth’s from Newhaven who will also supply the hot smoked salmon, haddock and mackerel. Each boat that comes into port will contact Ed’s staff and a special insulated fish van will collect the fish as it lands at port, then bring it directly to the market each day, including Ditchling. This will guarantee the freshest fish possible.

“I shall of course be on the fish stall each Thursday as this was my community day for Ditchling and as you all know I enjoyed it immensely. It only leaves me to say we all look forward to seeing you in the near future at the market.”


If you have any questions about Ditchling’s fish market you can get in touch with David by emailing [email protected].

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