Deal’s Alexander Moss aims for bullseye

At last year’s Wards Children’s Awards, Goodwin Academy student Alexander Moss won the Remarkable Achievement Award for his achievement in sports, music, visual and performing arts despite his disability.


Alexander Moss has spina bifida and has had to use a wheelchair his entire life. At 10 years of age, however, a prompt from his grandad saw Alex take up archery and having participated for the past five years in the sport, Alex now trains every month at the home of Paralympics GB with coaches at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

CommunityAd got in touch with Goodwin Academy who supplied the following statement on Alex’s recent achievements;

“Goodwin Academy student Alex is a fantastic student, a valued member of his year group and a great role model to others. He is a kind, friendly and polite young man, who always strives to be as independent as possible. Despite the challenges he has faced, he has remained determined to achieve his full potential both academically and in the world of competitive archery.

“After years of dedication and hard work, Alex deserves to achieve his goal of competing in the Paralympics and we are rooting for him all the way. Alex also has an interest in studying music production. We are sure Alex has a bright future ahead of him.”

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