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Hi, I’m Mat. I’ve recently connected with Deal based charity ‘Talk It Out’.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Deal charity Off The Street On Our FeetI am a local Deal lad who has recently returned from over ten years of travelling (mainly both remote Indigenous Australia and modern Australia).

After more than three years of drug induced psychosis, in October of 2022, I found myself sectioned in an acute mental health facility. Prior, during and after this period of almost a month of being incarcerated, I was homeless. Shortly after this, I was offered a bed in an emergency accommodation in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. This was in November of 2022, and by early March of 2023, I had a vision (what I deem as a spiritual intervention).

During this period of severe depression and suicidal ideation, this vision was to cut all drugs and alcohol from my life, and to approach a local homeless hub. I was to then come out of my shell by trying to form a team of runners to run a half marathon (Gold Coast Half Marathon in Queensland Australia).

Within a few months, everything I saw in that initial vision, including many homeless people getting off the street and on their feet; came true. This included TV appearances, radio interviews, a running coach, team singlets, and an awards ceremony, raising funds for our homeless hub, newspaper, and other means of media attention, local celebrity involvement (Chris Hemsworth – Thor) and more.

Basically, it all came true and I am now in the UK from Australia to do it all again, but this time long term, with stability and I have made a commitment to myself that no matter how it goes, I want to truly enjoy each step of the journey.

The main mission of Off The Street On Our Feet is to create a supportive environment where individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness can find hope, empowerment and renewed purpose through marathon, half marathon, team building, mentorship and potentially football training and events. It is our mission to offer access to training programs and essential resources, nurturing physical fitness and fostering resilience among our participants.

The ultimate aim of OTSOOF is to create a team of unique individuals that can become a solid team of many both led and held accountable by one another and as one solid group. Being a voice for the voiceless is not just my ambition but through the sharing of true stories, real testimonies and through an empowered mind-set of ‘I can’, ‘I will’ and ‘I am’, with action and not just words, anything is possible.

Who knows how life-giving this can become. Not just for us, but as we move forward, for all walks of life. We all live here together so why be separated by class, fame, money or greed? Why not run with, for and amongst each other.


  • Impactful Change: Our aim is to directly contribute to positive transformation in the lives of individuals facing homelessness, at risk of and recovering addicts.
  • Community Engagement: Our goal is to demonstrate our commitment to social causes and community empowerment.
  • Visibility and Recognition: Off The Street On Our Feet offers visibility through various platforms and events, showcasing our dedication to social impact, personal transformation and we pride ourselves on being a voice for the voiceless.


Find out more about Off The Street On Our Feet and Talk It Out via their websites: and

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