Deal Breastfeeding Support Group

Becoming a parent brings a whole host of new challenges, and support groups can make all the difference in having a positive and affirming parenting experience.


CommunityAd spoke with Emma from the Deal Breastfeeding Support Group to hear about the inclusive reassurance and support they offer.


What is the Deal Breastfeeding Support Group?

We are a group of parents who meet weekly to offer breastfeeding and chestfeeding support, as well as tea, coffee, biscuits, and a chat! We meet every Monday at St George’s Church from 1-3pm (excluding bank holidays).


Why are groups like this so important when it comes to making breastfeeding parents feel reassured and supported?

Early parenthood is a time with a lot of transition – and it can be lonely and confusing. Groups where you can meet new people and benefit from trained supporters are really helpful.

Some parents attend our group because they have a specific question – it might be that they have a breastfeeding or chestfeeding issue, or would like some reassurance about what they are doing. Others come along for conversations with parents who are in the same situation as them. What we offer varies from support and information on a range of breastfeeding-related subjects to just being a friend.


What kind of resources and help does the group offer?

Each meeting is attended by an IBCLC (lactation consultant) and peer supporters trained by the ABM (Association of Breastfeeding Mothers). We are able to provide information and signpost to resources that can help. We are good at listening and want to support your experience of feeding your little one.

We also have our brilliant Deal Sling Library who meet every third Monday of the month from 11.30am -1pm in St George’s Church. You can contact them on Facebook (@dealslinglibrary) to book an appointment for information on babywearing and sling hire.


What would you say to someone who feels they need support in this area?

Come and meet us! We’d love to get to know you and your family. Our group is inclusive and non-judgemental. Whether you’re pregnant, have a new baby, feeding an older child, combi-feeding, thinking of weaning, have a question, want some company… you are most welcome. At the moment we ask parents to fill in the contact tracing form pinned on our Facebook page.


To find out more about the Deal Breastfeeding Support Group you can email us ([email protected]) or contact us via Facebook (@boobgroup) or Instagram (@dealbreastfeedingsupportgroup).

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