Deal Breastfeeding Support Group Update

Deal Breastfeeding Support Group have made an exciting change to the way you access their services, new for 2024.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Deal Breastfeeding Support Group UpdateRather than operating on a solely drop-in basis, you can now also book an appointment with one of Deal Breastfeeding Support Group’s (DBSG) Breastfeeding Counsellors (BFCs). You can do this by messaging their social media pages or emailing them on [email protected]. You will then be sent a booking form, and, on completion, you will then be allocated a convenient time.

You can still drop in to chat to DBSG’s team of Peer Supporters (PSs) for information, support and a chat. Many friendships started at DBSG and it is important to them that this side of the group continues.

So what are BFCs and PSs? In both cases volunteers are trained via the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. A PS has completed two months of online training on common breastfeeding questions and sources of information. They are well-informed and experienced – able to point you in the direction of good information and support. A BFC has completed a further 2 years of training on many aspects of breastfeeding as well as counselling skills. A BFC can help you with more complex questions and help you find a solution that works in your context.

So, what sort of things can you come to DBSG for (aside from a friendly face and a cuppa)? Positioning and attachment, questions around newborn behaviour, questions around when breastfeeding isn’t going as hoped, when breastfeeding hurts, support around pressure from family and friends, support with weaning onto solids, support with ending breastfeeding and much, much more. They can also discuss expressing and have a pump hire service available.


DBSG meet every Monday (excluding bank holidays) from 1pm-3pm in St George’s Church, Deal (at the back). For more information, visit

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