Dartford Lions Club – What a Year!

To mark the end of 2023, Dartford Lions Club orchestrated a delightful spectacle, with their Santa Sleigh journeying through Dartford, bestowing joy and gifts upon children.


This cherished tradition, ingrained in the heart of the community, transformed the streets into a winter wonderland, replete with festive cheer.

Sponsored by Bellway London, the Santa Sleigh, resplendent in twinkling lights and festive adornments, embarked on its merry voyage. The air was filled with the dulcet tones of Christmas carols, adding a layer of enchantment to the cold December evenings. Santa, in his iconic red suit and jovial demeanour, led the procession, waving and bellowing hearty ‘Ho Ho Ho’s to the delight of onlookers.

CommunityAd Exclusive - Dartford Lions Club - What a Year!The Lions Club members, donned in festive attire, accompanied the sleigh, engaging with the community and distributing gifts to the children. Their faces lit up with wonder as they received presents from Santa, a magical experience etching lifelong memories. The gifts, thoughtfully selected and wrapped, symbolised the spirit of giving and community solidarity.

The route meandered through the neighbourhoods of Dartford, ensuring every child had the chance to partake in the festivities. The event not only brought smiles to young faces but also served as a fundraiser, supporting local charities and causes.

One of the very final shows of support for the Dartford community was the Lions Club donating 10 Televisions and 10 Alexas to the Peter Gidney Neurological Centre in Dartford. This will allow the neurological patients of the centre to control and watch TV from the comfort of their own rooms.

“Throughout 2023, Dartford Lions Club have supported over 13 different causes, this means several hundred possibly thousands of people have benefited by this support. This is ONLY possible by the love, support and encouragement given to us by the local residents and businesses of Dartford – we cannot thank you all enough!” Lions President, Avtar Sandhu MBE.

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