DEYprints in Bridge: illustrated maps bring area to life

Kent is an undoubtedly beautiful area to live, from its Garden of England reputation, to the cobbled roads and medieval buildings, the streets are full of history and some of the most tantalising tales of times gone by.


Delving into those pavements and roads is local Bekesbourne resident, Daniel Young of DEYprints, whose illustrated maps pour life into the concrete and land upon which we live.


Daniel, who grew up in Wingham, currently works from home as a Russian and Chinese translator, allowing him to work on these maps in his spare time.


The idea started during lockdown, explains Daniel: “My daughter’s school asked her to draw a map of the local area and I was helping her. From there I tried to make one for myself of Bekesbourne and then got it printed. My wife runs a local coffee morning and shared it on the community page. I suddenly had a lot of people asking me for a copy.

“After the Bekesbourne map I made a second one of Wingham (where I grew up) and then later a third around one of our favourite walks (Littlebourne/Ickham/Wickhambreaux). I’m now working on another five maps, featuring Fordwich, Stodmarsh, Blean, Bridge, Bishopsbourne, Kingstron, Barham and Adisham.

“In terms of a favourite detail, David Maltby, who was a pilot in the Dambusters raid, is buried at the church in Wickhambreaux, so I drew his plane flying overhead. Another favourite is the vehicle that was the inspiration for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which was originally built at Higham Park.

“The people here are very invested in where they live. They really care about their local area, and are genuinely proud of the place. This tends to mean they make the effort to make it a pleasant place to visit and to live. Drawing the maps opens up a lot of conversations with locals, who are always happy to provide you with local stories.”


Where can readers find out more about your maps or get in touch with you?

“I’m currently arranging a website where all the maps can be seen (once I’ve finished the new ones). Until then, I have a Facebook page (you can search for DEYprints) where you can take a look at what I’ve done so far. You can also get in touch with any ideas for new maps, or suggestions for additions to ongoing projects.”


See more of Daniel’s beautiful local maps on his Facebook @DEYprints. His illustrations can be ordered as prints and tea towels, making for great home décor and thoughtful gifts.

by Callum Knowles

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