Community Kindness – Thanet needs more room!

When I launched Community Kindness – Thanet, I had absolutely no idea that it would grow to the proportions we are now at.


From our first Christmas in 2020 providing gifts for 260 people, to the most recent where nearly 1,000 people were referred to us for Christmas presents, we have rapidly become a service that professionals know they can rely upon to support the most vulnerable children and adults in our community.

The challenge that comes with growing exponentially is that the charity which I could singlehandedly manage from my home, now needs to secure a new base for storage, sorting and distributing gifts and from where a small group of volunteers can help me with the ever growing number of referrals.

After publicly sharing the dilemma Community Kindness – Thanet currently faces, I have been given an amazing opportunity to rent a storage space at a hugely discounted rate but in order to take advantage of this wonderful offer, I find myself in a position where I need to ask for help with financial backing.

As an unincorporated charitable organisation, Community Kindness – Thanet cannot apply for usual funding and grants available to registered charities but the main essence of the work we undertake makes registration a needless additional burden, and one that would have more negatives for us than positives. I would be devastated for Community Kindness – Thanet to come to an end due to being a victim of our own success. The reality is that we should not be needed to support so many people, but with over 10,000 children in Thanet living in poverty, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon and unfortunately we really are a much needed service.

Incredibly, the offer that has been made to me means that £1,500 will be enough to rent a safe, secure and accessible storage unit for the next 12 months, add a second unit as we get closer to Christmas and require additional space, and ensure that all items in the unit are fully insured. I fully appreciate that in the current financial climate it is a big ask to request that our community keeps providing more and more support, but if anyone reading this finds themselves in a position to make a donation to this fundraiser, it truly will make such a difference to so very many people.

Thank you,

Sonia Knight.


Rent a space for Community Kindness – Thanet, organized by Sonia Knight. An astonishing £1,390 has been raised so far: to donate, go online and visit

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