Clift Meadow Autumn update from Graham Auld

Clift Meadow Autumn Update: Over the surprisingly warm summer teams of volunteers have been busy improving the outside areas of the meadow with countless hours of trimming, cutting, pruning and general tidying.


The Millennium Garden by the WI goes from strength to strength and always brings some brightness to the carpark area.


This summer it has been joined by a new Community Bee Garden (pictured) with over 260 plants donated by Bramley residents. The ground was prepared, and all planting carried out by members of the Wilder Bramley group who have now taken on the seemingly endless task of helping these plants establish and thrive to provide a little patch of sanctuary to bees and other pollinators in the area.


The Clift Meadow Trust are proud to host this area and further to this have agreed to support Wilder Bramley to establish a wildflower area either side of the path round the south and west sides of the tennis courts. Seeding is due to commence this Autumn with a range of native flowers such as poppies, and cornflowers which should be visible next year and a selection of perennials will start to pop up through spring and summer after a couple of years. Looking forward from Autumn we’ve got one big event to mention… Remember remember, Friday the 4th of November!


Yes indeed, Clift Meadow Trust and Bramley School Association bring you the annual fireworks extravaganza. Save upsetting your neighbours, head to the show at Bramley Primary, bring the kids, grab some food and a drink and enjoy the atmosphere*.


Meanwhile, we’ll be hoping for some gentle rains to gradually moisten the ground and naturally nourish the grass, flowers and trees, hopefully as you read this in Autumn the field will have returned to a lush green from the light straw colour it’s just turned this week.


I’ll end with one small organisational update; we’ve been going through a bit of a change in our customer facing area this year. Eileen who has managed bookings for more years than I’ve lived in Bramley has stepped down to have a little more time to herself – Eileen and her late husband Eric devoted years to serving the community of Bramley. We wish Eileen all the best and she will forever remain a friend to Clift Meadow. Practically this has led to a bit of change in how bookings are handled – we have a new telephone number: 01256 260270, this is an answerphone only service, similar to other local halls.


We also have a new email: [email protected], enquiries or questions are welcome here, while booking requests – just like the Village Hall – can be made online via our website:


We do recognise that in the first half of 2022 we didn’t meet customer expectations in a number of areas surrounding bookings and invoicing. This is something we have worked hard to rectify this year, so if you have an issue, suggestion for improvement or want to offer some practical help then please reach out to me directly: [email protected]


Thank you to Graham Auld for his Clift Meadow Autumn update.

*Atmosphere may or may not include rain

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