Cinque Ports Radio, Romney Marsh


Ever since that fateful first lockdown, when despite a global pandemic our worlds felt a little more local, community radio stations have found themselves in demand.


CommunityAd had the pleasure of chatting with Cinque Ports Radio’s newest presenter Melissa who agrees that “Radio stations are a valuable asset to any community. They are company for the lonely, a source of micro-local information and support. This is particularly true of rural communities.”


Melissa’s debut show only aired mid-January but she feels very comfortable at what she refers to as “a friendly, supportive station”. Adding that “Cinque Ports is a really fun station to be involved with! We have a hugely diverse range of personalities, all possessing varied life experience, bringing something interesting to the shows they present. Whenever you tune in you’re bound to hear something intriguing, something to capture your ear.”


Tell us about the show and what you enjoy most about it?

My show predominantly features love songs from every era, interspersed with my burbling any nonsense that pops into my head. Usually at some point I describe my pyjamas – I broadcast from home – while cats miaow plaintively for food and attention. Often Mr Todd joins in the chat, and I have plans to bring on other guests too. I so enjoy having three hours to pontificate. I’m a colossal show off!


Desert Island Discs time, if you were sentenced to isolation by Boris (or invited to his birthday party, more likely) tomorrow and could pick three singles to take with you what would you pick and why?

I have bizarre taste in music so I will be picking songs no one has heard of! Three singles… I would want Noel Coward’s If Love Were All from the musical Bittersweet. My mum used to sing professionally in cabarets around the world, and that was her showstopper: she would sing me to sleep with it.

Anything by Kit & The Widow: let’s say Glyndeborne.

But the World goes Round by Liza Minnelli is probably my favourite song. Wherever you are in your life it will possess meaning for you.


What makes Romney Marsh such a special place?

I love Romney Marsh. I do work here fairly frequently so I know the place quite well. I always make time to stroll along the beach and enjoy its otherworldliness! And the history of the place is fascinating. It’s an absolute honour and delight to serve its community.


Tune in to Melissa’s Love Lounge 10pm-1am every week night @CinquePortsRadio or on the Cinque Ports Radio website.

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