Chat with the Chairman: Rochester FC

Medway is littered with local football clubs all of which are valued and serve their community. One fine example of this is Rochester FC.


CommunityAd had the absolute pleasure of getting to know down to earth, community-minded man Adam Mortimer who firmly believes “no matter what life throws at us sport unites us all”.

Having first got involved with Rochester FC when he took his cousin to training and asked the manager if he needed any assistance, it’s been quite a decade since for Adam who took over in the hot seat in February 2019 as he tells CommunityAd:

“I am now Chairman of Rochester FC and have been since February 2019. As we are a small club in comparison to others in the area, I am a very hands-on Chairman. You will regularly see me at our home pitches on a Saturday or Sunday, spectating, refereeing or even playing! I love football. I love that your emotions can go from high to low in a single match. Most of all though I get a real buzz out of providing a platform for our kids to play the game they love. If they are happy then so am I!”


The club seems like a community in itself; an extremely inclusive one as well as a successful one, how do you go about achieving that?

With so many grassroots teams in the area, there is no point in us trying to be the best of the best. We know what we do, and we do it well. We are here to offer a platform to anyone that wants to play football, whether it is their first experience as a player or because they want to join their local team. We want to give everyone a chance to shine and we think this method pays off with some of the successes we have had.


How important is it for young people to have access to the sport? Especially given the last year/18 months.

I believe that sport plays such a vital role in confidence-building and teamwork. The past 18 months have hit football hard but every time we were put back into a lockdown we appeared stronger and more focused when it was time to return. Football brings us all together and at Rochester FC we have a really receptive parent group. They all get involved and have great relationships with each other.


If any readers are blessed with energetic youngsters in their life who are interested why should they consider bringing them down to Rochester FC?

From soccer school right the way through to men’s football, we offer a fun and safe environment for our local community. We currently have 6 youth teams and 2 men’s teams, with space for more. We have dedicated parents cheering on their teams of a weekend and you can be sure that your child/you will be a valued member of the squad you play in.


How crucial are volunteering parents? Are Rochester FC in need of any volunteers?

I think every club would tell you that they always need more volunteers! The work that myself and the Rochester FC committee do is centred around the players and how we can continue to improve their experience. Our coaches do the leg work and often get overlooked for the part they play so any extra hands is usually met with open arms.


Outside of the club, what makes Rochester a pleasant community to be a part of? How long have you lived in the area?

I have lived in Medway for the last 12 years after moving from Maidstone where I was born and raised. Medway and more specifically Rochester has so many green spaces and country parks you don’t have to look far for something to do.

With the vast array of clubs in Medway, you will never be far from a game. You should support your local community by catching a game or by getting your child to a training session. It could be the start of something special.


Getting to know the Chair


Earliest footballing memory?

Crystal Palace vs Watford 1996 at Selhurst Park (first game)

Which team do you support?

Crystal Palace

Favourite player of all time?

David Beckham (what a player!)

Player comparison?

Frank Sinclair, purely for the amount of own goals scored

Manager comparison?

Neil Warnock (Loud but willing to put an arm around my players)

Favourite goal of all time?

Darren Ambrose vs Aston Villa (FA Cup 14th Feb 2010)


You can find out more about Rochester FC and keep up to date by following them on Facebook @rochesterFC1997.

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