Catching up with crafty Junk Jodie in Overton

Since Junk Jodie was featured in CommunityAd back in 2020 the talented and enthusiastic local has been terrifically busy.


Most recently at Basingstoke’s All in the Mind Festival, as Junk Jodie informs our readers:

“Yes, it’s been a wonderful summer! I’ve run lots of Superhero and sock puppet workshops for Preschools and Primary Schools. I’ve also been running craft workshops and storytelling for lots of festivals like, ‘Overton’s Scarecrow Festival’, ‘Basingstoke Festival’, ‘Aldershot’s PlayFest’, ‘Farnborough and Aldershot Eco Explorers Club’ and ‘All in the Mind Festival’.”


If you had to pick a highlight of the summer, what would it be?

All the work I have been doing has been a highlight! But something super exciting to share would be, I have now written my first ever Junk Jodie storytelling show called, ‘Rainbow-LICIOUS’. This is an interactive story, full of rhymes, handmade recycled toys and sing songs. I tell the story of how ‘Beverly Butterfly’, (made from a cereal box and loo roll) becomes Rainbow-LICIOUS through mindfulness.

The show encourages positive mental health for children and care for our planet.

I first launched and performed Rainbow-LICIOUS for Basingstoke Festival 2022 and couldn’t have wished for a better response.


So, Jodie what was your stall all about at All in the Mind?

My stall at ‘All in the Mind Festival’ was making Be Kind/Appreciation Flowers using recycled materials and also decorating a giant recycled bee, it was a collaborative art piece.


How was your stall received by the public? Any particular interaction or reaction that stands out?

My stall was received very well! I had lots of families make and create with me. It’s my second year at AITMF. I had families last year making Stress balls, many of them came to see me this year and some said they still have their stress balls.

It was very busy we made over 100 flowers. The families also added some amazing messages on the giant Bee, like; ‘Bee Kind’ ‘Bee Yourself’ ‘Just Bee’ ‘Bee Positive’ ‘Bee Love’ ‘Beelieve’ ‘Bee Compassionate’ ‘Bee Helpful’ ‘Bee You’ ‘Bee Nice’ ‘Bee Happy’ ‘Bee Fabulous’.


Why is an event like All in the Mind, which is so accessible and addresses the modern plague of mental health, so important and valuable to the community?

It’s incredibly important! Which is why I love ‘All in the Mind Festival’ and everything it stands for! This festival provides a safe space for people, which helps you feel accepted for who you are no matter how you’re feeling. It also spreads an awareness on mental health to people who may not understand what it’s like struggling, which encourages people to have more compassion and kindness. There were amazing FREE activities offered to the public, to help support their well-being.

The whole AITMF team were very helpful and supportive all day. A huge thank you to Leigh and Ali for having me on board for another year.


Have you got much planned for Autumn and anything up your crafty sleeves for Christmas that you can share with the readers?

Yes, for, ‘Basingstoke and Deane’s Green Week Market’, I made a Giant Tree pledge and Planet earth, for a collaborative art piece, which readers may have seen on 22nd September and 1st October.

I’m also running arts and crafts workshops for the Wellington Country Park over the October Halloween half term. In November, I am running craft workshops for Newbury Christmas lights Switch-On. In December, I am storytelling a Junk Jodie Christmas show, combining crafts for Love Basingstoke and Eco Explorers club in Aldershot and Farnborough.


Stay up to date with Junk Jodie by visiting her website or following her on Facebook @junkjodie or Instagram @junkjodie_artandstorytelling.

by Dave McKenna

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