Catching up with Canterbury singer/songwriter Luke Jackson

Singing is a skill that draws envy from almost everybody, but add song writing to that repertoire and you can soar to new and unexplored heights. Luke Jackson is a singer/songwriter who has been writing his own material since the age of 12 and has been able to turn his passion into a full-time career.


The Canterbury based musician Luke Jackson was nominated in 2013 for the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for both the Horizon Award for Best Emerging Talent and The Young Folk Category. He was also winner of Fatea’s “Male Artist of the Year 2014” and 2016, his live album ‘Solo:Duo:Trio’ was voted 2018 Album of the Year by Laurel Canyon and in 2020 his last studio release ‘Journals’ was voted 2019 Album of the Year by Fatea Magazine.


With a strong fan base, Luke will be performing throughout the year as a solo act and part of a trio, and we caught up with the talented local to find out more about his early days and what inspired him to pick up a guitar and pen his own music.


“I remember music being played in my family home. Records from The Beatles, Johnny Cash, John Martyn and old blues artists like Robert Johnson.

“I’d always be listening intently to the lyrics and the melody, something about it all captivated me. My old man is a huge lover of music so always enjoyed sharing his passion for these artists. He also played the guitar which was the inspiration and main reason as to why I first picked it up myself. It immediately felt very natural and as soon as I was able to learn a few chords and hum a melody, I ran with it!”


For readers who might not have heard you before, is there a genre of music you usually play?

“I’ve always had trouble trying to pigeon hole where exactly my music sits. I listen to so many different artists from different genres and naturally that has all rubbed off in its own way into my song writing.

“I would say it’s influenced very much by the genres, Americana, Roots, Blues & Contemporary Folk but has its own approach and sound.

“Pretty much all of what I do is original music. Song writing is one of my favourite things, simply because it’s never the same.

“For me, the process of writing a song doesn’t follow any particular formula. Sometimes I can end up with a fully formed song in 20 minutes whilst sat down at my guitar, I love it when that happens, other times it’ll take weeks, even months.

“The best thing is being in an isolated environment, writing these songs in the confines of your bedroom and then taking them out, touring them, sharing them with people and seeing how they connect with the music you’ve written. That’s something I’ll always really enjoy!”


To finish, what is the best advice you’ve been given?

“There’s an awful lot of useful advice I’ve been given over the years of doing music. One piece that’s always stuck with me is to stay true to what you’re writing because at the end of the day, it is you who has to go up each night and perform these songs, portray an image, make a connection and make them believable for the listener.”


Luke Jackson is touring throughout the year, solo and as a trio, you can find all of his tour dates at


Originally published on Page 38 of Canterbury CommunityAd Magazine, Febuary 2023 – Issue 44

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