Capturing Overton’s wildlife with Deborah Heath

Originally from Wales, but having lived in our homely village of Overton for the last 12 years, you might have spotted Deborah Heath out and about with her camera taking some truly captivating snaps.


Some of our eagle-eyed readers might have spotted Deborah’s detailed photos in the Overton Biodiversity Society article we featured in the last edition of our magazine. We caught up with Deborah Heath to find out a little bit more about herself, her favourite subject to capture, and any advice she might like to pass on to our readers.


“I have always enjoyed taking photos,” explains Deborah. “But it wasn’t until I got myself a DSL camera about six years ago that my hobby really took off.

“Often, when I’m out with my camera, I don’t see what I had originally hoped to find, but there is usually something that catches my eye to photograph. If I had to choose a favourite subject matter, it would be mammals, and in particular deer – they are such shy and graceful creatures and it is a privilege to be able to sit and observe them at close proximity.

“Living so close of the River Test allows ample opportunities to watch a wide variety of wildlife throughout the year; be it migrant birds (both summer and winter) or local residents like Kingfishers. I am extremely lucky that local landowners allow me to come onto their ground to take photos throughout the year.

“When I am out walking my dog Tess, I frequently encounter British wildlife which many people only get to see in magazines and on television. I have launched Test Valley Wildlife as a way of sharing these encounters with a wider audience.”

If you could give some advice to budding photographers what would it be? 

“Be prepared to sit and wait, and enjoy the noise and silence of the countryside. If you sit quietly and have the wind in your face, you’ll be amazed at what you can see.”


You can see the patience and passion Deborah has for the local wildlife in her pictures on this page. To see more of Deborah’s work make your way over to: @testvalleywildlife, or Instagram @deb_heath.

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