Canterbury Umbrella Centre

CommunityAd, as is customary, checked in with the community asset that is Canterbury Umbrella Centre in the early days of 2022 to find out what the year promises to bring.


After a halted, lockdown governed 2021 how optimistic are you for the coming year?

We are all very optimistic about the coming year as it will be the first full year of being open, we hope, despite COVID and other possible disruptions. However, after the successes of our previous movement online we are hopeful if there were to be another lockdown, the group sessions and interaction with members will continue.


Tell us about what’s coming up at the centre, any specific dates we should be making a note of?

We are not going to release specific dates of things simply because COVID is very much present in our day to day lives and we wish to avoid disappointment as much as possible. With that being said there are several courses upcoming that are being run by the recovery college and recently they have been well attended and enjoyed by the participants. On occasion they are held at the centre, other times they are off site or online. Additionally, there will be a new course beginning soon and when that ends, there will be another beginning.


Why should readers who have never come down to the centre consider popping along this year?

Those who have never been to the centre before may not know its exact location and I understand it may not be the easiest to find, however, once you do you will become a member for life. There is no escaping it, in the best way possible.

Of course we won’t badger people about coming, it can take a lot of energy to be able to walk through our doors as it is orientated towards those experiencing mental health difficulties. However, anyone and everyone within the community is welcome at the centre and we would love to see more new faces, even if it is just for lunch and taking advantage of the amazing delicacies that are on the menu which is a daily treat.


So why not pop in and visit the team at the Canterbury Umbrella Centre? If you need further convincing head to the Facebook page where you’ll be greeted with almost edible pictures as the Centre often charm their followers with pictures of what’s cooking: @CanterburyUmbrellaCentre.

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