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Canterbury Cathedral Stories podcast

Last spring, Canterbury Cathedral created their very own special Cathedral Stories podcast series during lockdown to give locals a sense of what makes the Cathedral so special as well as passing on knowledge of its unique and colourful history.


Over 20 episodes and two more lockdowns later and with the series still going strong, CommunityAd caught up with both the Visitor Operations Manager, Chris Pascall and Head of Marketing and Communications, Nathan Crouch to find out more about this wonderful podcast…


When did you first start up the Cathedral Stories Podcast and what made you want to do this?

CP: It was during spring 2020 when we first went into lockdown. It was a way to still be able to engage with people even though our gates were closed. A chance to share the passion and knowledge that we had as a team and maybe reach people who might not ever have visited the Cathedral or been particularly interested.


How has the reaction been since you started recording different episodes?

CP: We’ve had lots of positive emails, and the podcasts have been well received. We are now using them with our volunteers as a revision tool for when we reopen and welcome the public back.


From a personal perspective, what is your favourite episode and why?

NC: It’s difficult to pick just one as all of the volunteers really bring their subjects to life and make each talk engaging – even as a member of staff, I’ve learnt lots of new things about the Cathedral. If I had to pick a favourite episode, it would be ‘Tomb Raiders’ which explores the five tombs of the Trinity Chapel that have been desecrated, plundered or opened over the years, including those belonging to Thomas Becket, The Black Prince, and King Henry IV.


How can readers listen to the podcast?

NC: All of our Cathedral Stories podcasts are available online at www.canterbury-cathedral.org/heritage/collections/cathedral-stories-podcast/.


You have had various guests come on with a link to the Cathedral but is there a particular favourite that you have had on and, if so, why?

NC: Again, it’s difficult to single out just one of our volunteers as they are all extremely engaging and knowledgeable, but broadcaster Jan Leeming does spring to mind, not least because I remember her presenting the news.


Although this was started during lockdown, will you still be recording regular episodes when restrictions are potentially eased in the next few months?

CP: We’ve started recording others already.


In your eyes, why is Canterbury Cathedral so special?

NC: For me, it’s the beauty of the building itself, the creativity and passion of all of the people who work here, and the Cathedral’s amazing history – much of which is central to the story of England over the last 1,400 years.


To find out more and listen to the incredible and informative Cathedral Stories podcast, visit the Cathedral website, their Soundcloud page (Canterbury Cathedral) or follow Canterbury Cathedral on Facebook and Twitter @No1Cathedral.

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