Broadstairs Town Team Tasty Planters

Broadstairs Town Team community Garden Group of volunteers has diversified and in 2022, another project was added to the Town Team existing community gardening activities.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Broadstairs Town Team Tasty PlantersThe project: to grow vegetables in a public space. The aim: to support wellbeing and social inclusion through this project. It’s been great fun! From the beginning it was our plan to engage residents, local councillors, businesses and organisations in the development and sustainability of the project. A project plan was drawn up and agreement was given for 6 wooden planters to be installed in Pierremont Park in central Broadstairs. Invitations went out to businesses and organisations to sponsor a planter and a small team of volunteers was recruited.

Within a few weeks we were ready to plant. We had a wonderful response and were able to install the 6 planters in the park. The wooden planters were built by the members of Broadstairs Town Shed, also part of the Broadstairs Town Team charity.

Then the fun really began. We filled the planters with yummy crops and immediately there were curious conversations being had with our volunteers on how to grow different vegetables and how could people have a go at home. One of the planters was dedicated to edible flowers, which raised a few eyebrows initially, and looked gorgeous! It’s been a challenge keeping the park squirrels out of the planters so we’re learning to share the space!

Two years on the project is thriving. We have two Giveaway and Share Mornings each year. Volunteers grow lots of veg plants from seeds and we give away hundreds of plants and seeds at each event. One of the wonderful outcomes of the project, so far, is that people are bringing us spare veg plants and seeds to giveaway too. The buzz of conversations and shared stories through the mornings is wonderful. So many people are having at go at “Grow Your Own” and loving it.

We have just installed four more planters in the nearby St Peter’s Village. They have their own volunteer team. As word spreads, conversations are being had on putting planters in other locations too.

The next phase of the project is to hold casual, Tasty Planters coffee mornings. A social space to share growing veg ideas and recipes too. So far, the project has been able to fund itself through local sponsorship and donations of time and products.

The project is growing organically, responding to conversations and including more people in our community as it grows. Who knows what the project will look like in two years’ time – that’s the fun and where the project energy comes from.


If you would like to find out more or join our group of volunteers please contact Barbara Wallace the project leader: [email protected] or to find out more about the Broadstairs Town Team: [email protected].

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