Bread Pudding and Spitting Tacks: Herne Bay’s Tony Lane

Herne Bay legend Tony Lane has published his memoirs sharing his wonderful life with the world in the book titled Bread Pudding and Spitting Tacks.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Bread Pudding and Spitting Tacks: Herne Bay's Tony LaneReleased this February, Tony, who turns 91 on 3rd June tells all about growing up in London’s East End, meeting his beautiful wife Patricia at 17 and his magnificent career as an upholsterer with whom he did work for The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the Kray twins Ronnie and Reggie.

Bread Pudding and Spitting Tacks has been a labour of love for Tony for over 10 years, but, speaking exclusively to us, Tony was close to packing it all up after losing his dear wife halfway through writing the book.

Tony shared: “I had bits of paper all over the place when writing the book. At times I would be in bed some nights and I would jump up quickly and wake Pat up to write something down from a memory that just came to me. Halfway through the book though, I lost my dear Pat to cancer and, as you can imagine, I was lost; 60 years of marriage. I thought to myself ‘I can’t continue with the book’ because she helped me so much with it, I was on the verge of chucking it all.

“When my daughter Louise, who lives across the road from me, saw the bundles of paper I had put outside in the bin, she marched right over to me and told me off reminding me how much mum helped me with it and that I should finish the book in honour of Pat. I then brought the paper back in and made it my goal to finish the book with help from both my daughters Louise, who did all the printing for me, and Penny, who did all the checking for me. This February it was published by Austin Macauley and it is available to buy all over the world online.”

A very proud man, Tony was the last born of fourteen children. A military family, Tony’s dad was a stoker and two of his brothers served with the Royal Navy on HMS Curacoa and at El Alamein. This perhaps explains the motivational family motto Tony grew up with “I can, I must, I will”.

CommunityAd Exclusive - Bread Pudding and Spitting Tacks: Herne Bay's Tony LaneIn 2018, Tony took to the skies, skydiving for the first time at 84 years of age to raise money for Pilgrims Hospice who helped care for Patricia during her lengthy battle with lung cancer. Tony raised close to £10,000 and the profits from his book will also be used for good with 25% each going to the ex-serviceman’s club and the over 60s club in Herne Bay and the other 50% shared equally between daughters Louise and Penny.

As Tony shows me some of the beautiful drawings he has in his house that keep his mind young and active, I lose track of time after realising my quick chat has turned into almost two hours. I was in awe of Tony’s fascinating tales he shared from his life journey, quick to remind me with each life event shared that “It’s all in the book”.


You can buy Bread Pudding and Spitting Tacks online via

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