Braintree photographer Bradley Newton

19-year-old photographer Bradley Newton has been basking in the beauty that Braintree has to offer through his photography lens and we had to share some of the snaps with our readers.


Bradley is currently working a part-time job at Stansted Airport whilst studying a level three extended diploma in film and television. Alongside his job and studies, he has a keen eye for spotting the stunning scenes around him and capturing them through his camera.

Speaking to us about his passion for photography, which began at an early age Bradley explained: “My nan and grandad used to take photos of family events, this fascinated me as I always wanted to know more about the technique side of their cameras. Although, I never fully got into photography till I was in Year 9 at secondary school as I had the opportunity to take photography as a chosen subject. I really enjoyed my time in lessons and discovered I had a talent and keen eye for detail, this encouraged me to improve my skills.

“I have always been fascinated with wildlife, just the peacefulness and pure beauty of it so I mainly take a lot of wildlife and nature photography. I also found a passion for event photography as I enjoy riding my motorcycle and going to the bike events and was inspired by the other photographers.

“So, I decided to take some photography of the events myself and this has held me to get lots of recognition from the motorcycle community as I dedicate my spare time to going to events. This can help me expand my portfolio and hopefully lead me to doing a wider range of events in the future. One of my goals is to try wedding photography one day as that is something that grants opportunity.”

If you could give some advice to budding photographers what would it be?

“Learn the basics: such as aperture, ISO, and depth of field. Network with other photographers and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Get out and shoot! There is nothing like field experience to understand the capabilities of your equipment.”


You can see more of Bradley’s work by visiting and Instagram: @newtons_photography.

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