Here’s to Best Intentions, Maidstone

It is with best intentions that CommunityAd brings you this article about the local Maidstone band Best Intentions. The band is made up of the trio Jack Theedom and the energy of Matt Chesson & Graham Thomas who perform “fuzzy pop songs, influenced by 60s/70s psychedelia and 90s indie rock”.


The lads were overjoyed to be back on stage following the easing of the rules with Jack telling CommunityAd “It was great, but we’re still looking forward to a more ‘normal’ setting. We played at Drakes pub and they’ve done a really good job of doing up their beer garden so that everyone can sit outside under cover, but it will be nice when people can get up and move about again”.

The band, like many, have had a few line up changes over their five-year existence but now ‘feel pretty solid’. As solid as their cracking band name, which Jack admits was a struggle to come up with, “to be honest, I think it was the last idea left standing after we ruled out every other possibility that wasn’t taken by other bands. Of course, as soon as we went to put out our first EP, “Good Advice”, we discovered that there was a band in the US that was using the name as well and now another band in Norwich. Coming up with a band name is difficult! The name comes from the idea of trying to be good to the people around you and trying your best”.

Jack has lived here in Maidstone since he was three years old and has seen it change, but notes “one of the benefits of Maidstone is that it’s not too big and not too small”. CommunityAd had the pleasure of asking a few music based Q’s.


We’re blessed with a great music scene here in Kent actually, aren’t we?

There are some great bands around Kent, but it would be great to have some more venues that focused on original music. There seem to be quite a few bands who haven’t made it through lockdown, for whatever reasons, so we’re looking forward to see who has weathered the storm and made it out the other end in one piece.


If you three boys, god forbid, were sent into another lockdown and you could only bring three singles what would they be and why?

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but we’ve picked one each. My choice is Sonic Youth’s ‘Teenage Riot’ as it’s the perfect mix of pure joy and the feeling of teenage rebellion. Graham would choose ‘Seeland’ by Neu, he says he would play it on repeat as it’s an audio sedative. Matt’s choice is Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’.


If Best Intentions could welcome a fourth member, dead or alive, who would it be?

Brian Eno would be an amazing fourth member, putting our instruments through synths, bringing his production expertise and giving us some inspiration with his Oblique Strategy cards.


Any plans to perform for us again in the coming months?

We’ve got a private engagement booked for the end of summer, and we are currently looking to get some gigs booked in once more venues are open again.


Anything else you’d like to add please feel free?

We should be releasing our debut album later this year, “Forever Grows”, so we’re looking forward to that. Also, if there are any venue promoters out there, please get in touch. Good luck everyone!


Keep up to date with Best Intentions by following them on Facebook @ukbestintentions, Twitter @bestintentionss or by visiting their website.

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