Bearsted resident pulling a 50-tonne train for BEKS charity

Have you ever watched the World’s Strongest Man and thought “I could do that”? Neither have I, but local resident John Sinden thinks differently to you and I, and is taking part in a charity 50-tonne train pull that would impress Eddie Hall himself.

John, a 35-year-old bricklayer from Downswood, is preparing for the gruelling task of pulling a train, weighing close to 50 tonnes, a total distance of 15 metres, all against the clock and all for the charity BEKS (Bring Every Kind of Smiles).

BEKS is a charity and community-based hub of care for many, from sick and terminally ill children right up to the elderly that simply need a smile or wish granted.


We caught up with John to find out more about his Herculean fundraising efforts and how he’s going to manage pulling a 50-tonne train, which is the equivalent of a mind-bending nine adult elephants.


John works for Metric South East and has lived in Maidstone his whole life, attending Madginford School as a child, and lives with his son aged 9, who’s a goalkeeper for Bearsted, his daughter 19, and his wife Priscilla.

The charitable event, which will be held on 1st August 2021, will be located at the East Kent Railway and John explained: “I will be raising money for the BEKS charity that my friend Rocky Troiani runs, it’s a non-profit charity and he carries out events every year.

“I started last year by doing an 18-tonne lorry pull to raise money for the Unmasked Mental Health charity, and my brother-in-law Josh Webster decided we should take part in this and raise money for BEKS. I believe there’s 14 competitors trying to pull the train and raise money.

“The train is close to 50-tonnes but I’m confident I’ll pull the train the 15m, where I’ll finish in the time league however, I’d like to say middle but who knows. I’d like to raise over £1000 and we’ve had some cash donations, but we’d love to get more people interested. We are doing raffles to help raise as much as possible.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their donations and help so far, as well as my trainer Chris Wyld and Ironworks Gym for getting me in shape.

“I love living in Bearsted, my boy plays football here, I grew up here and love the community spirit with the fete and the local pubs of course, especially The Rose who are sponsoring me and where I will be celebrating after!”


To donate to Josh’s 50-tonne train pull on behalf of BEKS charity, make your way over to To find out more about BEKS, visit their website.

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