Art by Rhianne in Herne Bay

The lockdowns were bleak and you probably won’t welcome being reminded about them but amongst any cloud there are always silver linings.


For Herne Bay born and bred artist Rhianne, lockdown led her back to a forgotten passion and gave her a chance resurrect her impressive talent with Art by Rhianne.


CommunityAd had the pleasure of chatting to the artist who is utilising social media to showcase her brilliant portraits.


What is it about Herne Bay that makes it such a charming community to be a part of?

I think what makes Herne Bay more likeable and pleasing to people compared to other places in Kent, is that Herne Bay has plenty to offer. Whether this being the pier, the bandstand, the arcades, the clock tower, the market or all of the amazing pubs and restaurants. There is so much to do and see here. With such an admiring place to call home, I am always fulfilled with inspiration.


Is your artwork a pandemic inspired talent or does it pre-date that?

I have always loved art since such a young age, I found it therapeutic and still do. I did GCSE Fine Art and then went on to do it for A-Levels, with one of my final pieces “Bubbles” which was based upon dementia being on display at Maidstone County Hall. One of my biggest inspirations to this day are my art teachers from when I was doing A-Levels, they would believe in me more than I would and knew I could do whatever I wanted to do and achieve it. I did stop my art work for a while but during the pandemic I started it up again and was the best decision I have made.


Rhianne, your work is remarkably detailed, tell us about the process of these portraits? How long does one typically take?

It varies, depending what my subject is, how detailed my painting is and what size canvas I am working on. I would say that I spend at least 8-35+ hours per portrait; depending on the above scenarios.


What inspires you to create a portrait, is it the person’s character, achievements or a personal respect/admiration for them?

I do personalised portraits for people as commissions, this could be a portrait of themselves, a loved one or someone they aspire to be. As well as doing commissions, I do my own paintings of who and what might inspire me. These could be places I have visited or would like to visit as well as artists and celebrities that I admire.


Where can readers see more of your work?

I recently made an Etsy store for my art work, where my store name is RhianneYoungArt. I have my original art work on there as well as prints at a more affordable cost. I also keep all of my social media up to date with new and ongoing work of mine, I’m on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

My plans and hopes for the future are that I can be a full-time artist. I wish to do what I love every hour of everyday. I hope to continue to grow and expand in my art career.


Find more remarkable Art by Rhianne on social media: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

by Dave McKenna

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