April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue, Eastry

Founded in 2004, April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue is a registered charity and animal rescue born in response to the growing problem of guinea pig neglect.


CommunityAd Exclusive - April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue, EastryJoanne Wash is a volunteer and treasurer at April Lodge based in Eastry and she was happy to tell us more about this beautiful charity.


What inspired you to start April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue? 

The rescue was started by Valerie Savage. Her daughter bought home an ill guinea pig which they nursed back to health.


How many guinea pigs have you been able to rehome since the rescue started?

Since the rescue started we have cared for and rehomed over 2000 guinea pigs. It is a lovely feeling seeing them come in, gain health and confidence and go on to their forever homes. It’s very heart-warming.

This year is your 20th anniversary, what would you say have been your most memorable moments over those two decades?

The most memorable moments are the big rescues we have done. One was where an ex-breeder/hoarder asked for help. We took in 47 guinea pigs and a vast majority of them were ill with skin issues and pregnant. We nursed them back to health and found homes for them and the babies that came along. A few of the older ones went to live with foster carers who looked after them with the financial help of the charity.


For readers who would like to adopt a guinea pig from you, can you tell us about the process you go through to make sure the rehoming is a safe and secure move?

Any potential adopters are asked to visit our website and complete the online adoption form. They must meet our criteria to be considered. The main thing is that they can offer the guinea pigs an indoor home and have a cage that meets our minimum requirement of 4’x2’. All potential adopters have a home visit to make sure everything is suitable and we offer a hands-on session for people who haven’t owned guinea pigs before to ensure they will have continued good care.


How important is it for readers to adopt and go to rescue centres rather than breeders?

Extremely. All rescue centres are full to bursting with long waiting lists.

How much do you enjoy being based in Eastry?

Eastry is a lovely thriving village and we are lucky to be a part of the community.


From a personal perspective, what do you like most about guinea pigs?

They are very intelligent animals. They get to know their owners and their routine. They can be very vocal when it comes to food time, making a variety of noises and are very interactive. Most like being handled and will happily go to sleep on a warm lap.


Are you currently looking for any volunteers? If so, how can readers get in touch to find out more? 

The readers can contact us via our website where all our contact details are available. The best way to contact us is via email.


Do you have any long-term plans over the next 5-10 years?

Just to keep doing what we do and looking after the guinea pigs entrusted to our care and hopefully finding them all their forever homes.


April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue Thornton Lane, Eastry CT13 0EU

www.aprillodge.co.uk; [email protected]

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