Appeal to Sevenoaks Community to Support Ukraine Relief Efforts

CommunityAd share an appeal for the Sevenoaks Community to support Ukraine relief efforts.


As we embrace the warmth and promise of spring, many hearts remain heavy with the ongoing plight faced by the brave soldiers and citizens of Ukraine. The escalating conflict with Russia demands our continued attention and support. Local resident Ron Alexander has issued a statement across social media, urging our community to rally behind the cause of aiding Ukraine in its defence against aggression.

“Supporting Ukraine defend its country and its people: Ukraine Relief Drop Off Point – Invicta House, High Street, Brasted, TN16 1Hl (01959 561245) for Brasted, Brasted Chart, Ide Hill, Sundridge, Westerham, Sevenoaks, Limpsfield, Oxted, Biggin Hill and surrounds.

“As we welcome the joy of spring days, for the brave soldiers of Ukraine and its people this spring brings an intensification of Russian attacks on the frontline and in Ukrainian cities and towns.

“Sadly, with political stalemate in the USA their brave soldiers are this spring being ill equipped to fend off the brutality of Russian attacks.

“Each day I see examples of the huge amount of funds and donations being made by the Ukrainian people themselves in Ukraine.

“We cannot hope to provide for the shortfall in American military equipment, but we can continue show our support of these brave troops and those civilians injured in the Russian attacks by continuing to donate essential items listed in the following priorities:

  • FPV Drones
  • First aid and medical items: Tourniquets (all, but preferably from DS Medical or IFAC), bandages, dressings, sterile and adhesive dressings, plasters, burn treatments, microporous tape, cool packs, antiseptic wipes or cream, eye washes, Dettol, TCP), sanitisers
  • Pain Relief: Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Calpol, Nurofen, cold & flu medications, vitamins, pain, and muscle relief Colterol or similar, Imodium, Senecot, antacids, fungal relief for feet)
  • Crutches, Slings, leg, arm and knee braces and medical boots
  • Military uniforms and clothing and boots
  • Outdoor warm and/or waterproof clothing, T shirts and workwear gloves
  • Tents (2 to 8 man); Sleeping bags (all, but preferably for temperatures to -10c) Camp beds, mats, and groundsheets and warm blankets
  • Stoves and small burners, camping cutlery sets, Swiss army knives and can openers

“Your continuing support is greatly valued. Please do continue to stand together with Ukraine and its people.

“Ron Alexander.”


The Ukraine Relief Drop Off Point at Invicta House, High Street, Brasted, TN16 1HL (01959 561245) serves as a beacon of hope and those in Brasted, Brasted Chart, Ide Hill, Sundridge, Westerham, Sevenoaks, Limpsfield, Oxted, Biggin Hill, and surrounding areas are able to make donations here.

Your support can make a tangible difference in the lives of those caught in the crossfire. Let us not falter in our commitment to humanity. Let us continue to extend a helping hand to Ukraine and its people, demonstrating our unwavering solidarity during this time of crisis. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and offer hope where it is needed most.


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