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In today’s bustling digital landscape, where first impressions are often made online, the significance of captivating imagery cannot be overstated.


Enter AnySomething Photography and Styling, a beacon of creativity and support for small, independent businesses seeking to shine in the virtual realm. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Laura, the founder herself and the visionary behind AnySomething, to delve into the inspiration, ethos, and impact of her work.


What inspired you to start AnySomething Photography and Styling, particularly focusing on supporting small, independent businesses?

I started AnySomething Photography and Styling because I have always loved small businesses – I love finding unique, creative items for gifts and my home – but I used to get frustrated when they didn’t have the photography that showed their products and services to their best. When I spoke to small business owners, they told me that photography felt beyond their reach and that they found the whole process intimidating. I’ve worked with bigger brands like Sainsbury’s and Hobbycraft over the years but have always much preferred supporting small businesses. So AnySomething was born.


Could you share a story about a memorable experience working with a local business and how your photography and styling services made a difference in their online presence?

A local creative Walmer Candles and Wax Melts approached me about photography for their new business – she wasn’t sure if she was ready for photography but together, we worked on a mood board and created some beautiful imagery of her wax melts. Leigh-Anne says the imagery helped give her the confidence to launch and she is now stocked in local shops and has a growing online presence.


How do you tailor your photography approach to capture the unique essence of each business you work with?

I really take time to get to know every business and brand I work with – for me, good photography tells a story and every single brand is unique. The first step with my clients is a chat over a cuppa – either online or in person – to find out about their brand and what they need from their imagery. Then I put together a mood board of ideas taking into account branding colours, values and requirements which the client and I agree – it’s a real discussion piece to help us both. I then get started sourcing props for the shoot (if it’s a studio shoot or for example, a holiday let that needs styling). I try and source as many of my props as possible from small and local businesses so that each photo is unique but also supports my ethos.

In what ways do you believe professional photography can impact the growth and success of small businesses, especially in today’s digital age?

In today’s digital age we buy with our eyes. 53% of the population are on social media and a good social and website presence will give you confidence in your brand and a platform from which to market. Having good imagery is threefold – it gives you instant content to use without all the worry and stress of capturing it yourself (if you run your own business, you likely wear a number of “hats” and photography can be time consuming and frustrating!), it “stops the scroll” and enables you to stand out from brands offering similar products and services, and it tells your unique story. When I do brand shoots, we talk about all of the processes that you go through over a week – from client meetings to emails to creating, to packaging and we try to capture all of the elements to show what makes you and your brand special.


Can you tell us more about your workshops aimed at helping businesses navigate social media and utilise their imagery effectively? What are some common challenges you see businesses face in this regard, and how do you address them?

Social media is always a love-hate relationship – its time consuming and sometimes frustrating. I teach people to do social media their way – people buy people and if you can humanise your brand, people are more likely to invest in you! In my workshops and 1-1 social media consultations I teach people how to create content in a way that works for them and their brand without following all the “rules” that are out there and becoming a slave to it. I have over 12 years of experience building an engaged community on Instagram with my personal account @teandbiscuits_x which I believe has been crucial to the success of launching AnySomething so I use all the tips and tricks I have picked up on the way to empower people to use their own social media as an excellent marketing tool (and to enjoy it at the same time!)


As our conversation draws to a close, it’s evident that AnySomething Photography and Styling isn’t just about capturing images; it’s about weaving stories, fostering connections, and empowering businesses to shine. Through her unwavering dedication and creative vision, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the local business landscape.

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